Women of Cite Soleil

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
Yesterday we went into the Lower Boston section of Cite Soleil to specifically ask the women what are the three things that they would like to see for their community.  There answers were a bit different than the men with the first item being jobs or a way to make money.  A job was not even on the list that the men gave a week earlier.  There were over 100 women, some said up to 150 women in a dark, hot room in an abandoned clinic.  Since it was for women, Beth, who was there with Dr. Jan and Joanna Howard put me and P the other man with us outside as well as all of the local men that wanted to be there.  I was glad to be outside as I knew that the meeting would be a tad rambunctious as the Haitian women passionately spoke of being able to provide for their families.  I was right and felt a tad bad for Junior who was inside translating.  We will be going back in several days but the ladies will select a committee of ten to represent them instead of all of them fitting inside such a small, dark, hot room.


While there and  glad to be outside I went into a little shop that a couple of the guys have to make craft items out of metal, and while there I bought 21 pieces of tin art to be resold at our stores at the women’s center and at the guest house.  I am going back there today to place an ordered  of some items that we would like for the shops.  Next time you’re visiting with us be sure to check out our Cite Soleil line of tin art.


Cite Soleil Line

Heard this as we were in the Lower Boston section of Cite Soleil, "You are all safe here but we can’t guarantee your safety on the road in and on the road out." Good thing the Lord is our fortress and He does all things well.

It may be raining but the city is getting hot: Gunshots Heard in Haitian Tent City

Our Guest House is now officially open: Check it out by clicking here.


A Bunch of Eager Learners

I pray that today you will be as clay in the hands of the Master.


  1. Shelly says:

    I volunteer with Haiti Clinic at Mission Ranch in Cite Soleil! I\’m the first OB-GYN to volunteer at the clinic the people tell me. GOD has put such a desire in my heart to help the people of Cite Soleil…it\’s such an overwhelming feeling! I just returned last week and I\’m going again in August and October. We desperately need to reach out with the hospitals in Cite Soleil to care for our very sick patients. Please help me if you have any contacts. God is doing amazing things through you! Please continue doing God\’s work! My email is babydocdo@gmail.com ~Shelly Chvotzkin~

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