Posted: May 31, 2010 in Uncategorized
It seems that not a day goes by where we are not involved in the lives of people who have been buffeted by the twists and turns of life.

Today, while at the hospital, I spent some time talking to Emmanuel, the 21 year old young man who lost his leg after being buried for three days under the rubble of his house.  He spoke of the others buried with him and of his cousin also buried near him who spoke seemingly non stop for several hours until his voice became weak and then silent as he died there close to Emmanuel.

He today spoke of how he remembered his life before the earthquake and how he was in school and how everything seemed okay.  And then on January 12th at 4:53 PM the earth shook, his house and it seems up to 80 percent of the houses in his area also fell or were seriously damaged.  Emmanuel, of all the patients that we have, seems emotionally the most fragile and the one that we daily are sure to encourage and speaks words of life, words of you can do it, and words of faith.

L to R: Emmanuel and Patrick

While talking he said, "Papi John, Where am I going to live?  Where can I go to school? How can I pay for school? What will I do with my life as a one legged man?"  I assured him that God did not entrust him into our hands to be dropped by us and that Heartline, the people of Heartline will be there for him. 

We expect Emmanuel to be part of Heartline and of our lives for years to come.  My hope is that in years from now when people ask Emmanuel why he is quick to help others, that he will tell of years back when he was embraced by a group of people that loved him and made him a part of their family and community after he had been injured when the earth shook.  And of how they spoke of God who loved the world so much that He gave His only son and of how he saw God’s love in these people.  And how he is just following their example.

Oh, God help us to be faithful and not shame the NAME.

John McHoul


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