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It is so easy in Haiti to concentrate on the poor.  There are so many in this category and their need for just the basics of life (not sure what that means but I wrote in anyway) is so in your face obvious.  That being said I especially have a heart for the middle class, for those who are working  hard through a system that is anything but encouraging and are climbing the proverbial ladder and trying not to lose grip.  Many due to earthquake have lost their grip and are struggling to start climbing again.


Check out After quake, middle-class Haitians wrestle with fall into poverty





Today I was on a potholed, bumpy, rough road, and in front of me was a taptap with only two people in the back.  One was a Haitian young lady who was holding onto the wooden bench type  seat with one hands and she was simply going with the flow and smoothly moved with the motion of the taptap with seemingly little effort as it slowly worked it way over the rough unpaved road.

Across from her was a middle aged white guy who was holding on with great effort and seemingly moving in the wrong direction as the taptap moved and swayed and dipped and shook.  He, from the look on his face, was in some pain as he held on with all his might.  I must admit that I enjoyed the entertainment.




We have not mentioned her much lately, but we are still working on getting her to the Mayo clinic for surgery.  Please keep praying!!!



He is young buy that we are also working to get to the States for surgery.  Please pray!!!




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