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Each morning I tweet a scripture on Twitter.  The one for today is: The lazy person claims, “There’s a lion out there! If I go outside, I might be killed!” Proverbs 22:13



cite-soleil-1 Cite Soleil: Earlier this week I was back in Cite Soleil meeting with about 12 guys in a very small room.  The room was hot, the air was stale and at times the atmosphere was charged. I have been trying to get two opposing groups to sit down together and talk as we continue to slowly move forward in this minefield to lay a foundation on which we can establish a work that will last, that will endure the craziness that happens in Cite Soleil. 

It has been struggle getting these two groups together and we have not yet been able to do it.  They assure me that next Monday they will have six people from each opposing side there so that we can meet together. I have heard this before and hope that it in fact will happen.

It would be so easy to just pull in there with sacks of food and declare that Heartline is feed hundreds of people a day; yet in my mind this would be show business and a facade.  How much better  over some time to be able to say, “Hundreds of people now work and have an income and are able to provide for their needs.”  How powerful it would be to be able to say, “ Several dozen people committed discover with us what it means to be a believer, especially in a place like Cite Soleil.” Honestly, this won’t happen unless we lay a foundation of understanding and expectation on which to build.  So back again on Monday and hoping and praying that the two opposing sides can come together.  Please pray with us as we look to God for wisdom.

Beth came back yesterday after 5 days in the States.  She was blessed to be able to be there to support Paige Porter who ran to help people who have lost homes in the earthquake.  This is somewhat complicated by the fact that most people don’t own their own homes and so it is not smart to put a house on rental property as it is likely that the owner will kick out the tenants after the house is put up.  So we are also helping people buy small plots of land.

Beth, shortly after she arrived, had to help a lady in our program whose child had died while still in the womb.  She and Joanna spent several hours with the mom as they worked to extract the dead child.  This is the seventh time that this particular lady has had a child die in the womb all at about 6-7 months.  She has yet to give birth to a live child. 

The mom did not want to see the body of the child, but the father did and Beth also  took a picture which she will give to the father.  They as well didn’t want to take the body of the child and so last night I brought the body to a place where it will be buried.  Imagine the pain of this lady as she seven times has had a child die while still in the womb.  Please pray for her and for her husband as well.


John McHoul


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