Posted: June 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
It has been 5 months since the earthquake and some of our patients are still dealing with bone infections and other issues.  I can barely imagine the amount of people that will have life long pain and life altering injuries due to the earth shaking for about 43 seconds.

We thought that we would close our field hospital in March but clearly that was premature and so now we are shooting to close it within the next several weeks.  But we will have some that will be with us for years to come as we are grafting them into the Heartline community.

We just had a group of 13 that are on their way to the airport after spending several days at the Heartline Guest House.  Some of the comments I have heard were:

  • This is such a wonderful place.
  • We will be back.
  • This guest house is a gift to us.
  • Chris and Bev were so gracious and serving.
  • I feel like I am on a retreat.

When in Haiti, come and check us out and consider the Heartline Guest House as an option for your next group.

DO YOU KNOW THAT PAIGE PORTER raised over 52k by having people sponsor her as she ran the Twin Cities Half Marathon.  The proceeds will go toward buying houses for some who lost theirs in the earthquake.


World Cup Fever is starting to be felt here in Haiti.  It is not unusual to on the streets see dozens of people, usually men gathered around a television watching soccer.  Yesterday I was trying to make an appointment to see a man at his office and he clearly stated that i couldn’t come until after the match was over.  Just today it took several minutes for the gate guard to show up to open the gate at the church as he was busy with several other people sitting and watching soccer.  It really gets crazy when Brazil plays.  The fever will really get hot as the weeks goes on until the final match.  The country will be like a ghost town on that day. 



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