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Today we made another Cite Soleil trip as we continue to make inroads into ministering in the communities of Ba Boston and Tecina.

We were there on Tuesday meeting with a committee that we are trying to work with and we then came back today to give about 377 pairs of Crocs and to meet some more.  The Croc distribution, coordinated by the local committee went quite well and it was well organized sort of.  We also made the rounds and visited people in their homes.  With me on this trip were men from Indiana, Michigan, and Manitoba, Canada.  I will be going back on Thursday to do a quickie HIV test on a man and to prayerfully walk around a bit to try to get a feel for what God’s plan is for us in Cite Soleil.


We, this week, will go to some local schools to find out the cost of sending a child to school for the upcoming school year.  We are thinking and talking and praying  about sponsoring some children to go to school and to give the money directly to the school.








We have been working to get Patrick’s passport so that he can travel to the Shriner’s Hospital in Springfield, Mass where he will receive treatment on his injured leg.  It seemed that he was doing well but actually he had a raging infection going on and had some work done on his leg here and an exfix screwed back onto his leg.  This 14 year old is a great kid and we are fighting to save his leg.  Please fight with us in prayer as we hope that Patrick will soon travel to the States for treatment.


John McHoul


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