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Yesterday, I went with several of the patients to check out their houses or what remains of their houses after the earthquake.  Three of the patients were severely injured when their houses fell on them and two were injured while at school and their schools collapsed on top of them.  We also went to determine if we can put up a wooden house in the place where their cement house once stood.  Now when I use the word “house” you perhaps are thinking of a multi room house or apartment similar to what you live in but in the cases of these patients the houses are more typically made of cement with one to two small rooms and no indoor plumbing and with an outhouse located on or near the property.

MARJORIE and AMANDA pictured above actually knew each other before the earthquake and lived in the same neighborhood.  These photos taken today are of Marjorie getting ready for English class at our filed hospital and of Amanda shuffling along to get to English class before it begins 

Marjorie lost her left hand when the school she was attending fell on her and Amanda suffered seriously injuries when the larger house right next to the little house that she and her cousin rented fell onto their house and destroyed it with Amanda inside.




The Salmon colored walls and the rubble is what remains of the much larger house that collapsed and fell on Amanda’s house.  The remains of Amanda’s house are actually under the rubble seen in this picture. Yesterday when I returned from seeing what remained of Amanda’s house, I showed her the pictures and she grew silent and stayed that way for quite a while as she perhaps was reliving the moment when the earth shook and her house fell and her life changed forever.





We very much need your ongoing prayers and support as we continue to care for our remaining patients and look to help them with housing, school and their future.

Please continue to pray for Amanda as we endeavor to get her to the Mayo Clinic for needed surgery.  We are still waiting for approval.







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