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CITE SOLEIL: We continue to slowly make inroads into Cite Soleil.  We specifically are working on three things.

  1. Having water trucks (3000 gallons per truckload) delivered into the area twice a week.
  2. Sponsoring 100 children to go to school for the 2010-2011 school year.  We are still working out the details and will keep you informed.
  3. Getting Beth and her women’s program into the area to teach the ladies.


        WOMEN’S PROGRAM: Do we ever have a lot going on here.

    1. The sewing school with be graduating its current class in July and the next class will begin in September.
    2. The literacy class will also be graduating its current class in July and the next class will begin in September
    3. The sewing program is doing well as the sewing ladies continue to create beautiful purses.  Right now all of the sewing is being done at the women’s center but out plans are to add 50 ladies who will sew in their homes and only come to the women’s center once a week; and to add to the number of those that sew at the women’s center,
    4. Beth’s Pre-natal/Child development/Midwifery program will move into its own place instead of sharing a house with the sewing program.  The house that was once the girl’s home is being renovated by some amazing people who have come to make repairs, build, paint and encourage.  They are doing a fantastic job and we hope that Beth’s program will move into its newly renovated place within several days.  This gives them more space and then as well opens up space for the Sewing/Literacy program.




The dome made out of tarps has been taken down as the Heartline Field Hospital now only has a handful of patients.  We are working with these patients as some need continued follow up, others need housing, others we are working to get to the States for further treatment and others need a family.


HOUSING: We are working on providing housing for some of our patients and others in need.  Just yesterday we reviewed the site where the houses of two of our patients collapsed.  We are having them do some prep work that we are paying for and we hope that on Monday or Tuesday that we will have one of the houses put up, so Marjorie, our patient who lost her hand when the earth shook will have a home to go home to.

Paige Porter raised about $52.000 when she recently ran a half marathon.  Within the next several days, at least 30 houses will be delivered to people in need.





The Heartline Guest House is a beautiful, peaceful, safe, and secure place that we spent several weeks working on and now we are by and large finished and waiting for you.

You can check out the Guest House by clicking here


LAND: We are in the process of negotiating the purchase of a piece of land on which we can build a clinic, house the various women’s programs, build a simple facility where  groups can meet, and more.  Your prayers are very much needed as we look to God for His will and direction.


PORT AU PRINCE FELLOWSHIP is our English speaking church of 300 plus people. Our worship is vibrant and lively and it would be great to have you visit is.  We are located on the Campus of Quisqueya Christian School at Delmas 75/77 Delmas.  Our worship service starts at 9:30 AM but you should get there before 9:00 if you would like to sit inside.

Please pray for our upcoming youth retreat scheduled for July 9-11.



We continue to have the rooftop garden, the hens that lay eggs and the tilapia.  If we are able to purchase the land that we are looking at, we then, will have a bigger garden, more hens and more tilapia.

Still looking to God to start a ministry to men.


SAID BY BETH TODAY: Now Beth and I have been married for 35 years and she still doesn;t get it.  This morning as I was bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t find shorts to wear, she looked in the drawer and saw several pairs, but I told her that I didn’t want to wear any of those ones and that I wanted to wear the ones that I always wear.  She proceeded to find the several pairs that I like to wear and then hold them up for display to show me all the holes.  She then said that I should throw them all away because they had lots of holes and she then told me that someone came to church and wanted to know what the homeless man was doing on the platform. Her words don’t bother me as she simply lacks understanding.  She doesn’t understand that each hole was well earned and although ratty looking, my clothes are like fellow travelers or partners and it is unthinkable to discard them because of a few holes or tears, or bleach stains. I continue to hope that she someday sees the light.



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