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Marjorie lost her hand when she was trapped for three days under the rubble of her collapsed school.  When she was finally pulled out, it was clear that her hand was damaged beyond repair and that it had to be amputated.  We at Heartline received Marjorie shortly after the amputation of her left hand and she  at that time was not the cheerful, easy to laugh young lady that we now know.  It took a lot of care by the Heartline medical personnel and community treat her injury, and help her not give in to despair or discouragement.  And so now Marjorie is an encouragement to us as she bravely faces the future.

This past week the Heartline crew was privileged to put up a house for Marjorie. This was our first try at actually putting up a house ourselves and instead of taking one day as we were told it should take it took three day.  But it was a group effort with several Heartline folks joining with relatives and neighbors of Marjorie to put up this house where once stood a cement house that was destroyed in the earthquake.

HEARTLINE through the funds given by generous donors and by those that supported Paige Porter as she ran a half marathon have so far committed 35 houses to those who lost their homes in the earthquake.  We as well have purchased several plots of land for those who were renting and then we can put a house on their own land for them.

Each person who receives a home is personally known by Heartline or by the other ministries that we are privileged to help with homes for those that they are close to.  We soon will be putting up more Creole homes manufactured by our friend at Maxima here in Haiti.



Taking the pieces of the house off the truck that we rented to transport it to the job site.  Notice how hard Troy is working.







Putting the house together


To those that gave and will give as Heartline provides housing, thank you for allowing people to escape living under tarps or in tents.  This could not happen without you.  We will continue to help people with housing.  Click HERE if you would like to help Heartline help others.


John McHoul


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