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Beth and I were talking the other day and we both agreed that we could blog more if we weren’t so busy and if we didn’t have so many different things going on.

I do want to take some time to update you about some things are have happened and are happening.  Your prayers and support continue to make a huge difference.





We have been working and praying to get Amanda to the States, specifically to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for treatment of the injuries that she suffered when a larger house fell on top of the one room cement house in which she lived and then caused her house to collapse on top of her.  She suffered a broken leg and her left arm/shoulder was severely injured requiring special surgery which can not be obtained in Haiti.  You have prayed with us and have given to help with Amanda’s non medical costs and now it is my joy and pleasure to tell you that Amanda has been accepted by the Mayo Clinic and last week she received her visa from the American Consulate in Port au Prince, and she will be traveling in about two weeks to the Mayo Clinic.  Since receiving the visa, she has had a steady stream of visitors that want to be sure to see her before she travels.  Amanda who is usually loud and outgoing has been kind of quiet since receiving news that soon she will be traveling.  This will be her first time traveling by air, she will be leaving her family and country and of course there is her concern about her medical condition.  She more than once has spoken to me about being discouraged because all the other patients were getting better and leaving but she was still in the hospital and her arm was not better and she still couldn’t use it.  I several times assured her that we were working for her and dozens of people were praying and that we would not give up.  Thank you for being there with us and please keep on praying.




Marjorie lost her left hand when the school she was attending collapsed on her where she stay buried under the rubble for three days until she was rescued.   Heartline recently put up a house for her as the house that she had lived in was also destroyed during the earthquake.


IMG_3334 IMG_3336

Marjorie is pictured left with the grandmother of one of our patients and on the right she is standing with some of the patients and friends who joined us as we took Marjorie home.  It was an emotional time and a time of uncertainty as Marjorie has been with us for months and now she is must acclimate back into life outside of the Heartline field hospital.  but now it will be life with a missing left hand.  She and some of the others started crying when just before we left her and prayed as the group began to tell her that they loved her and would miss her.


Praying for Marjorie





IMG_3371On August 6th the Heartline Sewing Program held its graduation with 15 ladies graduating.  These ladies worked hard and to meet the requirements to graduate.  We already have 45 enrolled in the next class which starts in mid September.  These ladies are amazing and you can check out some of their work by going to Haitian Creations




Cite soleil

After much prayer and work Heartline  for the 2010/11 school year will sponsor 50 children from Cite Soleil to attend school. We have been working on this for several weeks and were able to nail down details.  Please go to our website for more info.




Heartline has purchased three acres of land on which we among others things will build a 20 bed clinic.  Stay tune for more details.



  • The remaining several patients in our field hospital
  • We have had a container of supplies held up at the port in Saint Marc for a few months.  The authorities there are extremely difficult to work.  This is an issue for many organizations that have humanitarian supplies stuck at the ports.  Please pray that we can get this container out and move on to other things
  • Our new student sponsorship program

Thank you for joining with us as we endeavor to be the hands of Christ in Haiti.

John McHoul


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