Student Sponsorship & Sewing Teachers

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Uncategorized



Heartline continues to move forward in it first Student Sponsorship program. We as you can see from the Heartline Sponsorship ID Cards above have identified 51 students.  Whoa, you probably thought that we were starting with 50 students, as did I until this morning.  As I today was looking over the cards, I saw one card with the pictures of two children on it. I asked Pierre, who is doing the legwork to start this program, why this card had the pictures of two children on it.  He told me that the children are twins and they want to do everything together and if only one got her photo taken, then the other one would be hurt or jealous.  So I of course asked if we were sending both of them to school and he told me no.  So now I begin trying to figure it out.  We have twins who do “all” (watch out for generalizations) things together including having both their pictures on the id card which is only for one student; but we aren’t sending both these the twins, who do “all” things together. Go figure.  So obviously this had to be rectified and so we have added one for student, the other twin and at least for now each will have her own Heartline Student Sponsorship ID card.   Click here to find out more about the Student Sponsorship Program? 




Recently Heartline honored its sewing program teachers by taking them (actually I drove them and then came and got them and paid the bill when they called me to let me know they were finished) to a cloth napkin, as opposed to a paper napkin restaurant.  We also call this the heavy plate restaurant as the plates are like a set of weights. They asked if I would like to sit and eat with them, but I’m sure that they were just being polite.  These ladies are a blessing.

We are working daily to prepare for the next sewing class that starts in September!



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