Posted: September 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Several days ago I wrote of how almost 12 years ago I  became acquainted with Haiti’s only western theme restaurant and became friends with its owner.  I wrote that I first ate at the restaurant with a fellow missionary as we were looking to get to know one another.  We soon, along with our families, became friend.  Our daughter Morgan especially became friends with their children and would enjoy staying over at their home and playing at their large mission compound.

Fast forward two years: I was at home and I received a phone call that seemed to be from my friend but I wasn’t certain and what the caller said caused my heart to jump to my throat.  The connection was poor, but it was my friend, and he in sobs told me that his son had been playing on a swing set with other children from the mission, and that it had tipped over, striking him on the head and killing him. 

I called a fellow elder from our church and raced to their home to find this friend and his wife with several others inside their home.  I held back a bit and went over to them when they weren’t with others.  I hugged them and can’t remember saying anything and then I went and sat off a bit and prayed and watched.  So often, just being there are words enough.

I over the next several days witnessed a family that refused to let go of God.   The terrible tragedy of their son’s death could not loosen their strong grip on Christ or cause their faith to waver.  A strength that is there for those that trust in Christ flowed from their lives as I saw them repeatedly comfort others who had come to comfort them.  I have never forgotten and numerous times have spoken about this family. It was my privilege to preach at the funeral service and to see God touch lives through my friend and his family.

They a year of so later left Haiti back for the States where they faithfully served God and I hadn’t seen my friend for at least 10 years.  That is until last month as I was sitting in church going over my message and a man walked in and came right over to me and said, Hello.”  It was my friend, back in Haiti for several days as they consider moving back here for ministry.  We spent some time catching up and I told him how we had purchased the western theme restaurant where we had lunch together about 12 years ago.  I spoke of how God used him to introduce me to the owner and now 12 years later we are the owners. 

I suspect to be telling this story often as I am asked how we ended up buying the property.  And now you know.



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