Adema and Baby

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
We fast track all teens into our program.  This one came only 3 weeks
ago so we haven’t known her long.  According to the dates she gave us we
thought we had quite a while to work with her and get her ready to be a
mom.  We thought we had time for prenatal care, spiritual guidance and
time for her to grow and trust us.  Her dates were wrong.  When she came
to the door in labor at 6:30 AM we prepared for a preemie.  We called
Doctor Jen and an OB nurse to join us for the labor and delivery.  We
brought out all the "big guns" at our disposal.  We were extremely
relieved when the baby was small but not premature.
She and baby are
both tiny.  Adema looks like she should be playing with dolls not
raising a baby in a third world country.  Although both mom and baby
were fine after the delivery we knew we could not send them home.  We
added her and baby to the hospital population and started a mentoring program
with our other teen moms,  including Djenie.   Djenie explained that
her baby, Kenny, had been small as well and now he is chubby, happy and
developmentally on target.  Djenie has taken her job seriously and is
full of advice, help and friendship.  She knows how it feels, she was
there eight months ago.
This is exactly how our program was meant to
work.  Women come and receive help, make positive changes in their lives
and then help others.  They become examples in their own communities
and make a difference.
Adema is now part of our hospital community.
 Other moms are scolding her for not breast feeding long enough.  Others
are watching out for her.  Doctor Jen is tending to the baby’s legs
which have some problems.  Together, as a hospital community, we will
make a difference in this girl’s life.  This four pound baby would
barely have a chance if we let her go home prematurely.  Mom just
doesn’t have the skills to properly care for her baby boy.   By the
time we decide she can go home most likely she won’t want to.  Our
patients have a way of doing that.  Our hospital becomes a home, a safe haven, a place of refuge.
I look over our prenatal files and check into our ladies’ histories  I
am astounded at the number of still births, miscarriages and the numbers
of children who have died under the age of five.  How can so many women
have lost so many children?  This program exists to help reduce those
numbers.  Healthy pregnancies, safe births and a safe and educated
post-partum are keys to saving lives.  Teaching breast feeding can save
countless babies.
Adema is one more teen mom who will be changed and
her baby will live through coming to Heartline.  Her life will change
because she is learning life skills and parenting skills with baby
number one!   She will enter our child development program and come weekly for six months.
is one great reason for a post-partum ward and a permanent hospital.
 Haiti is full of young teens just like her – we are out to reach as
many of them as possible.  If you help us we will help them!


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