Posted: October 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last week I sat on a balcony with the man that sold us the property as it had finally become time for him to hand off the keys into my hands.  It had been a few weeks since we had finished the purchase of the property and he had asked if he could stay a few days to sell off or give a way what he wasn’t taking with him.  Well, the few days turned into a few weeks, but it was okay and I understood.  He had about 25 years of stuff, memories, and stories that had to be processed.

He called me up to the second story apartment that is on the property to have some strong Haitian coffee and for the hand off.  It could have been a simple 15 minutes transaction but almost two hours later I was still sitting on the balcony with him and had yet to receive the keys.

He, while sipping coffee, began to reminisce about the restaurant and tell story after story.  The stories were not just about the restaurant but also about Haiti and days gone by.  He spoke of people he had known and how they were a part of his life and a part of his Haiti endeavors and struggles.

Normally, I’m not one to sit very long; but clearly this was a special moment and I did not want to spoil it or waste it.  I learned much and also thought that in years to come I may be the man on the balcony talking to the younger man or woman that has come to take my place.  I suspect that I will make some strong coffee, sit back and tell of when what now is wasn’t always and of when I sat in the same spot seemingly not many years ago waiting to be handed the keys.



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