Heartline Students

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized


I can’t ever remember liking school or wanting to be there.  I  hated the school clothes shopping days that my mother would drag me to and especially hated going into the dressing room to try on stiff pants and stiff shirts that had to be tucked in.  I remember one year in Junior High School when we for some reason had to wear ties the whole school year.  Even though it has been over 40 years since then, I still feel traumatized by it all.
I thought about this, Sunday, as I with others went to meet some of the students and parents in Cite Soleil that Heartline is sponsoring. We also had come to give the students their uniforms and supplies for school.  Getting out of the truck I saw a welcome sign taped on the wall next to the stairs leading up to the meeting room.


Going up the narrow stairway I saw another sign.


This sign reads “Welcome to Heartline Ministay.  Pastor John”
The committee from Lower Boston has named itself “All for One.”


Arriving at the top of the stairs, I saw the room filled with children, who had “a what in the world are we doing sitting in this hot room” look on their faces.  Apart from the All for One committee there were no other men as the children were all accompanied by their mothers, or grandmothers, or sisters, or aunts.

Looking at the kids I had a sudden attack of bad memories of my mother standing outside the dressing room door loudly saying, “Johnny, what are you doing in there?”  After I got over that, I then saw kids that if not for this sponsorship program would be staying at home while others got to go to school.  I saw kids that would be getting, while at school, two meals a day.  I saw kids who would be receiving two new uniforms, new shoes and new sneakers.  I saw mothers who wouldn’t have to hold their heads in shame or embarrassment because they couldn’t afford to send their kids to school.  I saw uncertainty and I saw hope.
I also thought of those that are sponsoring these children.  Perhaps, they may never see their sponsor children but they still have chosen to invest in their lives.

I am so thankful to God for you.

Check out our sponsorship program by clicking here




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