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It has been a while since I have blogged but it is certainly not due to a lack of things to write about. Actually we here have been extremely busy with no sign of slowing down. In addition to working on the new property we are in the process of cleaning out what had been the field hospital as we look to turn it into a program for 10 teen mothers, each with a child.  This two year program will be structured, creative, educational, spiritual, vocational, and we pray life changing for the moms, their children,  and their children’s children.

We are still in the formation stage as we clean, paint, repair, pray for those that will work in the program and above all pray for the teen moms that will enter the program. Please pray with us as we look to make a difference in the lives of the teen moms and children that God brings into our care.  We will keep you informed.



We are also trying to minister to men through our church Port au Prince Fellowship.  We, on November 6th, 2010, will be having a seminar entitled THE SERVANT CHRIST/THE SERVANT BELIEVER.  Our hope is to help men live their profession and confession of faith outside of the church.  We through a series of seminars are endeavoring to help men be faithful witnesses in the home, at the work place, in school, on the streets and where ever they may be.


This morning I was the chapel speaker at Quisqueya Christian School here in Haiti.  It is a school close to our hearts as both my children graduated from there and I served on the board for a number of years.  There were some turbulent times in Haiti while our two kids were growing up here and yet Quisqueya was a place of security and refuge.


I have been been reading about the Navy Seals and the training that they go through to make it to become a seal.  Did you know that up to 80% of those that begin Navy Seal training drop out before graduating?  This, of course, doesn’t mean that those that drop out can’t effectively serve elsewhere or that they are failures.  NOT AT ALL!  The effectiveness of those on the front lines largely depends upon the support of thousands that are working so that the front line soldiers can do their jobs.

Wherever we may be serving, let’s follow the words of the Apostle Paul:  “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” Colossians 3:23

PLEASE KNOW that we at Heartline need your prayers and support as we and you through us endeavor to be the hands of Jesus in Haiti.




  1. Mama Drama says:

    I finally polished and posted my rough draft from some time ago written in support of your inspiring efforts in Haiti.

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