Prenatal Program: Ladies from ages 52 to 15

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Our prenatal program works. We try to keep our numbers down although the waiting list yells to me every time I look at it. It is long with girls who have  come to our door, had a positive pregnancy test with us, and then are told they have to be on our waiting list.  We give them vitamins and send them off.  Some get no prenatal care, some do home abortions with
pills bought at any pharmacy here, some join the crowds of other women at the large, free hospitals.  Most get no care, deliver at home and don’t know that is something better.
We are always moved by the teens who look and act so young and come in for a pregnancy test.  They are adorable, look much younger than they are and have no idea what they are in for.  Many have had no choice in having sex.  They don’t get to say no.  It, to them, is not an option in their world.
We always fast track them into the program so that we can give them good care, love them, and stop the cycle of pregnancy after pregnancy. After being in our program for over a year these girls are changed.  They are moms. Their little ones are well taken are of.  We are so proud of the teen
moms in our child development program who have overcome huge obstacles.  For those who don’t have housing and for other reasons are now without hope and help we will be opening a home for teen moms. Many times these girls come from big, poor families that can’t afford  another child.  Their problems are complex.  We want to provide shelter, education, counseling, Godly training, parenting and vocational skills.
The success of all of Heartline’s programs has been in keeping our numbers reasonable.  This is hard to do when the need is huge.  Right now our program is full of women who want to give good care to their babies but they live in a  world full of misinformation, superstition and lack of education.  They come faithfully, week after week, they learn to trust that we tell them the truth and they learn how to make  better choices.  They giggle when they hear the baby’s heartbeat for
the first time, they promise to try to do better when we scold them for not drinking and eating enough.  We watch them grow emotionally and intellectually as the baby grows in their bellies.  It is an amazing transformation!
Right now we have several teens, the youngest being 15.  We also have a pregnant woman who is 52.  This is her 12th pregnancy (Both are pictured above). She is slight, poorly nourished, and sweet.  We have lots of ladies in between those ages who want a healthy pregnancy, a safe birth and a chance for their child to have an education.  We are guaranteed that in the first world they are not. For our ladies prenatal care means hope, it means education, it can mean the difference between life and death.  And we choose life!

Beth McHoul



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