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I know several people that live in tent cities; yet I can’t begin to understand what life there is like.  I do know that the people are tired, discouraged, actually perhaps weary is a better word to describe how they feel.  They at this point see no way out of life in the tent city.

Today  at my office I had a second year medical student come to see me who can’t live in her house because it was damaged in the earthquake.  Her father is dead and her mother who was paying for her school is sick and can no longer pay for school, which is about $2500.00 a year.  And on top of that she nows lives in a tent.  She is discouraged.

Yesterday in church I spoke to a young man who with his mother has lived in a large camp since shortly after the earthquake.  Their home was damaged and he lost his job at a clinic that was destroyed in the earthquake.

I looked at him and felt God telling me to tell him that He has not forsaken him and that he must stay faithful where is and that God wanted to use him.  I encouraged him to stay strong, keeping his eyes on Jesus especially during this difficult time.

To say that life in a tent city is difficult is certainly an understatement.  It can be incredibly stressful and certainly at times unsafe as there may be thousands of people separated by only by the thin walls of tents.

I especially find this link: Building Haiti’s Promise Land insightful as it looks at a bit of life inside a tent city.

Please remember to pray for those in the tent cities and for those that are working to help them.


Our church meets on the grounds of Quisqueya Christan School where for several weeks an incredible group of young men would meet to practice and play soccer.  These young men are all amputees, most of whom lost limps when they became trapped under the debris of fallen buildings during the January 12th earthquake.  I would see these men praying and studying God’s word and playing soccer and doing their best to move forward with their lives.

Several weeks back I was talking with a missionary who works with this group of men and he told me that they were invited to the Amputee World Cup being held Argentina.  I asked a few questions and found out they this group needed tens of thousands of dollars and there, of course, would be the logistics of getting legal documentation in Haiti and passports that may depend on documents buried under tons of cement blocks.

I was honored to be able to get the Heartline check book and write a check for $500.00 and then get my own check book and match that amount as I wanted to let these young men know they they will not be forgotten and that they are not alone.  There are thousands of earthquake amputees that  just may find inspiration through the lives of these young man.

Check out these two links

Haitian Amputee Team in World Cup

Haitian Amputees Find Hope in Soccer


Yesterday while in the office a young lady walked in with 16 purses that she had sewn for our women’s program.  She is one of the ladies that sews outside the program and come to the office every week or two with the purses that she has sewn.  So I’m just watching and not saying much while the purses are counted and examined for good quality.  The purses were all accepted, money was counted out, a receipt signed and the lady left.

I asked Carine, our secretary, to tell me what just happen and how much money the lady was given.  Now remember the average Haitians yearly wage is about $730.00 USD.  She said the lady was given $50.00 for the 16 purses and another $50.00 was placed into an savings account that we manage for the sewing ladies.  The ladies love having their accounts because it enables them to save money for occasions such as school for their children, medical or family emergencies, or perhaps they have had their eyes on something special that they would like, but has always been beyond their reach.

In Haiti there is a lot of pressure on the Haitians to give what little they may have saved to others that come asking.  And so it is almost impossible for a poor Haitian to save money because when it is known that she has money set aside, others will come to borrow the money and in many cases the money is never paid back.  So while the lady is working hard, she barely has enough to survive on due to all those that come to borrow money.

So the lady left with $50.00 and $50.00 was put into her account.  When those 16 purses are sold, she will receive another $50.00 in her hand and another $50.00 into her savings account.  At any given time a lady can have several dozen purses that are on the racks at a few places in Haiti where our purses are sold or being sold through our Haitian Creations website.  She will receive 50% of the selling price of each purse that she makes and we sell.

This program works and we are excited that within the next several weeks, we will be able to offer jewelery that will be handmade by ladies in our program.  This will be a whole new set of ladies that do not have jobs, but who are incredibly talented and creative but simply have never had the opportunity.  BUT SOON THEY WILL.


Tomorrow I will be in Cite Soleil to meet with the local gang type guys who are helping us with our student sponsorship program.  We are sending 51 students to school there and still have several that have not been sponsored.  Perhaps you would like to invest in the lives of young people that simply could not afford to go to school without assistance.  Click here to check out our program.


Last night Beth and I were scheduled to go out with two other couples for dinner and fellowship. That was until the call came in WOMAN IN LABOR.  So instead I went with two men for a nice time together while Beth and three midwives were at the Maternity Center with the woman in labor.  When I last saw the woman she was in the driveway with Joanna and they were holding onto the back of a pick up truck with Joanna standing behind her holding the ladies’ hips and helping her do doing some kind of hip swaying gyrations.   I didn’t stay.

I called Beth when I got back to see if the lady had delivered and she hadn’t, so it looks like it was another all nighter for the midwives.


A last look at John with hair.

Malcolm’s Houses

Heartline Updates


  1. Terri Urban says:

    Hi John,

    Terri Urban in Colorado Springs here. I was super glad to read your blog and get an update on the many things you have going on there. You guys are doing great stuff for HIM.

    I am the lady who is doing the Pound4pound4Haiti Website/Blog. I am coming to visit you with Allison Jenning’s group from Nov. 5-11. Although the money has been coming in very slowly–much more slowly than I would like–I am convinced we will have enough to buy at least one house . There are many checks being sent in, and of course those don’t show up on the Paypal chip in meter. With your boyish personal charm, I am hoping and praying you can convince Maxima to give us two houses for the price of one. Please be praying and planning about who should get the house (houses.) I would very much like to meet the family who will ultimately receive the house (houses–God willing.) See you soon. Terri

  2. johnmchoul says:

    Looking forward to meeting you.

  3. Rhonda Stout says:

    i have approached a student at the local medical school and asked him to approach the Christian medical association and ask them to find funding for the medical student. He is going to try to find funding for her. I have a good feeling about this. Caroline Stout , my daughter is in another medical school, I have asked her to help find funding for her daily living expenses. I told her $100 extra per month. I thought that you might
    have her volunteer in some way to provide a match for our donation. The questions i need answered are, !. How many years will she need assistance. Also, what is her name? Tell her not to be discouraged. God is still looking out for her. i think that you can tell her that this will work out. I will guarantee it. Blessings, Rhonda Stout

  4. johnmchoul says:

    This young lady has been a part of our church for at least 6 years and as well is a part of our worship team. Yesterday I gave her $897 to cover her first trimester (Hope our bean counter doesn’t read this). She will have other expenses such as supplies needed, some of which we should have here. I will e-mail you with additional info. MUCH THANKS!

    • Rhonda Stout says:

      I know you are busy but I wanted to make sure that you received the information I sent by email that said that a local medical student raised $3000 to pay for your medical student’s tuition. I thought he had forgotten about the money since he hadn’t mentioned it again and i usually ask someone once about funds. Boy, was i wrong. If you could give me her first name so that he could pray for her by name and give us annual updates maybe we can find a way to provide ongoing assistance. Also, should we make the check out to Heartline and send it to the usual address?
      Any chance the houses you are building now are part of the ones funded by the money we send last month for houses (24 houses with doubling from WV) Please consider posting photos for us to share with our contributors and maybe another story about the families who will live there. Thanks again. Rhonda STout

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