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It is rare, very rare that we at Heartline do not have visitors that are helping us out here.  We also several times a week have people that come to visit,  see our programs and usually have a number of questions.  It is a pleasure to have such visitors and to learn of what they are doing in Haiti as they tell of their work and vision.

We also have visitors that stay with us from several days to several weeks.  We appreciate them and their hard work.  Right now we have three visitors who are here for several weeks.  Two from Canada and one from South Carolina.

We through our visitors are accustomed to being introduced to different foods.  Last Sunday, for example we enjoyed Korean food, which was mighty tasty, expect for the little, little fish type things with the bulging eyes. I didn’t really like the little critters or fishes or whatever they were.

We through out the years have been able to experience and for the most part enjoy the different foods introduced to us.  But everything has a limit or that is what I have heard.  I do know that I have reached my trying new food limit when recently I was introduced to a food totally foreign to me.

Collins our visitor from South Carolina cooked up some Okra, which he said was fantastic.  All I know is that where I am from, if they sell Okra, it must be in the foreign food section.  I reluctantly took a bite and quickly spit it out and am thinking that I would choose the eyeball fish over this Okra stuff

Collins pictured right holding up a wall, was pretty sick this week.  While I can’t be certain, I’m thinking that it was because of the Okra he ate the other day.

Really the tilapia, pictured left, with its buddies that were served to the ladies in the women’s program seems so much more appetizing. Or perhaps I should say that the tilapia head pictured left seems so much more appetizing.

I’m thinking if okra had bulging eyes it would taste better.


  1. Jessica says:

    You have to eat the okra fried! Then all the icky taste is gone, and it’s really quite delectable 🙂

  2. johnmchoul says:

    I will give it a try. At least I think that I will.

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