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Answered Prayer: Last Monday I blogged:

“Yesterday in church I spoke to a young man who with his mother has lived in a large camp since shortly after the earthquake.  Their home was damaged and he lost his job at a clinic that was destroyed in the earthquake. I looked at him and felt God telling me to tell him that He has not forsaken him and that he must stay faithful where is and that God wanted to use him.  I encouraged him to stay strong, keeping his eyes on Jesus especially during this difficult time.”

Last Night in church during our prayer time, this young man spent a couple of minutes speaking of God’s goodness and how He has changed his life and how thankful he is to God.  And then he said, “And this week I found a job with a Christian company and I will start next week.”

It is in the tent city that this young man found Christ as savior and although it has been a place of trials and testing, it also has been a place  growth.  Now he asking of being baptized in water.  Praise God for answered prayer!


Said to Beth by a woman in our program who lives in a tent city with her several children and who has no electricity: “There is cholera in Haiti; my child has diarrhea, I need a laptop.”


We are often asked, “How can we pray for you?”

Here are some current prayer requests that we have.

  • Men’s seminar at Port au Prince Fellowship on Saturday, November 6th for about 100 men.  The topic: The Servant Christ/The Servant Believer.
  • The Teen Moms home that we are working on and hope to open within the next few months.
  • The Heartline Sewing Program as we are looking to add at least 10 more ladies that can sew purses and expect to add Heartline Jewelery before Christmas.  Pray as we look to further help women be able to care for themselves and for their children.
  • Wisdom as we look to develop the three acre property we have recently purchased.
  • Still looking to the Lord to establish as program to men.
  • Progress for those in tent/tarp cities.
  • The cholera outbreak will be arrested.
  • Additional sponsors for the Cite Soleil students that we sponsor.
  • We on November 10th will gather our sponsor students and families together for a program.  We expect to have about 150 people in attendance and the students are planning some special music for us which I’m sure will be quite creative.
  • Those that are trying to finalize adoptions.
  • The persecuted church.

Thanks for caring enough to read this blog!









  1. Joelle says:

    John, Love what Heartline is doing for the people of Haiti! Praying for all! Would love to join the efforts, let me know when i may come…

  2. David Cox says:

    Thanks for caring enough to write this blog!

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