Posted: November 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

By Jon Miller

This morning my son  David  and I went out for breakfast. Nydia and the kids were off to school. I had the day off.  And David was home from school as he made final (and in many cases, initial) preparations for a trip to Haiti. As I write this, David is at a hotel in New York waiting for a Saturday morning flight to Haiti. He will spend a week at the Haiti Baptist Mission with a group from church, coming home on November 6.

As we were sitting in the little neighborhood diner, I looked to my left, just behind David, and saw a nice looking, elderly man at a table next us.  I could tell he was really enjoying his coffee…really valuing it…or perhaps both.

You see, what I noticed was this man gently but securely holding the edges of his cup’s saucer. Not the cup. No.  That was placed safely off to the side.  He was holding and tipping his saucer as he moved it to his lips and quietly sipped the coffee that had apparently spilled into what would normally be a place of cool and certain “coffee death.” (I’m a little dramatic, you think? Come on. When was the last time you actually saw this happen?)

I immediately thought, “Wow. This man really likes his coffee. I mean, he REALLY likes it. There’s a very capable woman stopping by every few minutes splashing this magic liquid into cups upon request. But this man…he’s committed.”

Then I thought maybe I could look at it another way. Maybe he does really enjoy his coffee. But maybe it’s more than that. Maybe he really VALUES it too. A little overflow onto the saucer wasn’t going to change anything. This coffee had a certain value to this man. And he wasn’t going to waste it. The important thing in front of him wasn’t the coffee cup. It wasn’t the saucer. It was the coffee.

So here’s my thought and prayer; May we all see life like this man saw his coffee.  May we see what is really important. May we enjoy it and value it. May we be people-loving…God-honoring…saucer-sippin’ people.


And tomorrow morning when you’re drinking your morning beverage from your special cup…when you’re buying your favorite blend from the convenience store…when you see a coffee commercial…or anytime at all that you remember, would you say a prayer for David, his group, and the wonderful people of Haiti who continue to struggle in a post earthquake Haiti filled with tent cities, cholera, and all the unrest that goes on with life there?



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