A Daughter Dies A Mother Grieves

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Uncategorized
Marjorie and her large family have been in our lives since the  
earthquake.  She came to our field hospital very ill and spent months  
with us.  Her baby and teenage daughter were also with us.  We love  
Marjorie.  John calls her "Figi" which means "face" in Creole because  
all of her 7 children look like her.  Today she has one less.
I was very excited and waiting for Marjorie to show up at Child  
Development today because I had great news for her.  She was going to  
meet Terri, the woman who raised the money to build her a house.  I  
know Marjorie, she is very physical, and there would be lots of  
hugging, kisses, joy and silliness.  Marjorie and her family have been  
living in a tent city.  She comes every week and we check her med  
supply, her blood pressure and see how her baby is doing.  We load her  
up with formula and diapers for the week.  Her needs are endless.  She  
is very poor, her husband has not worked since the earthquake and we  
know that she will be part of our community for a long time.  She is  
part of our earthquake family.
I looked up as she entered the house, I was giddy with good news that  
I couldn't wait to tell.  Marjorie looked terrible and the baby wasn't  
with her.  The baby is always with her.  In barely a whisper from a  
voice spent on grief she said, "Mme John, my daughter died on  
Saturday."  The baby?  No, her oldest daughter.  Her helper, the big  
Where do you begin to console someone with such loss?  A lifetime of  
hardship.  She explained that it had to be voodoo because her daughter  
only a had a pain in her stomach and then went to the government  
hospital and died.  No answers, no explanations, just gone.
Poverty robs people of many things and among them is information.  No  
reasons why her child died.  No understanding of what happened.  Just  

Terri and Allison who are here with a group spent time with Marjorie  
praying with her.  I felt numb with the reality of how on the edge  
these people live,  Life is so fragile.  Gone so quickly.
I close my eyes and see that teenage girl at our field hospital, her  
face mirroring her moms, helping to care for her mom while she was  
ill.  I close my eyes and see a sweltering, damp tent crowded and  
dirty that tonight holds one less.  And a family with no answers on  
why they lost her.
As her community we need to be there for moments such as these.  We  
need to hurt with her and love her while her pain is raw.  Life in  
Haiti is raw.  Perhaps her new house will make it a tiny bit less so.   
Nothing replaces a child that should be living in it.

Beth McHoul

  1. I love you Beth and John. Hurting for Marjorie and her loss and so thankful that you are there. Blessings, Cynde and family

  2. Sarah D says:

    Heavy hearted for Marjorie and her family…so unfair. So glad she has her Heartline community to help bear the grief… m’ap priye…

  3. johnmchoul says:

    We are thankful that the Lord has provided a tremendous support group that allows us to live and minister in Haiti and to help Marjorie and others like her.

  4. Tina Marie Ciber says:

    My heart beats differently after hearing this sad sad story. God Bless Marjorie and her Family ! God Bless all of you who are there for her !

  5. johnmchoul says:

    Your prayers are much needed. Thank you!

  6. Jon M. says:

    Groaning with you…Marjorie…creation…and the Spirit.
    Oh that our complete redemption would come quickly!

  7. johnmchoul says:

    That we would all groan for others.

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