Sensitive in Minnesota

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am still in Minnesota with an amazing group of people that love God and love Haiti and are endeavoring to Lose Sight to Gain Vision. Last night the Coughlins, who I am staying with had a meet and greet evening with about 50 people to whom I was able to share about Haiti and Heartline Ministries in Haiti. It was the first time that I have spoken since I have had my head shaved bald.

Speaking of all my hair being gone I am okay with that. But it seems that other purported physical flaws have been pointed out specifically by Tara Livesay. She loudly proclaimed before the 20 or so people there and for the video camera that my head really isn’t that big, it is my face that is really big. And then she spoke out about the back of my head being flat. Ouch!!!

Junior and I are staying with Bob and Jennie Coughlin who have adopted two children from Heartline. I over the years have been told I am insensitive to those that come to Haiti and are a bit uncomfortable because of the heat and little things, like: giant spiders, huge cockroaches, humongous rats, swarms of mosquitos,
sweat drenched nights, and other things to minor to mention.

I must admit that I pay little or no attention to whining and actually I find a teeny bit of pleasure in their discomfort. But that in my estimation is certainly not being insensitive. But it seems that Bob doesn’t see it that way.
During his recent visit some weeks ago I did drive around with my windows up and with no ac. And I had Bob sleep on a couch type thing near the door with no fan. He was kind of the first stopping place for the mosquitos and he looked it. Beth got kind of unset over that one. And there may have been several other things that have happened over the years, but certainly nothing worth writing about.

So here I am in Minnesota and it has been a tad cold but I know that I can’t complain as some, probably just a few or one or two
think that I am not sensitive to the whining of others. And it appears that Bob himself feels this way as he, although it is about 20 degrees, has my window down as he is driving along. So with the window down wind chill it must be minus gazillon degrees. And if
that weren’t enough he seems to find the furtherest parking spot from the store’s entrance that we are going to so we have to walk pretty far in the cold.

I won’t say anything as I have chosen to take the high road and not complain. But on his next visit to Haiti watch out Bob.

Tomorrow we will attend church with the Coughlins where I will share at a couple of meetings. We will be back in Haiti on Tuesday morning where the look at the ugly guy with the bald head comment and laughter will come pouring forth. I just can’t figure out what I
have done to deserve such treatment.

  1. Joanna says:

    John, I love having you in MN and that I got to spend some time with you. You are right, it is a gazillion degrees below zero. I feel for you. I will try to remember when I return to Haiti soon not to complain (at least in your presence). You look quite handsome bald and I know that is definitely not what you want to hear. You are a great sport and it was a huge sacrifice for an amazing cause. Thanks for holding such a big part of my heart as well as the people of Haiti. You amaze me!

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