Posted: November 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Back in Haiti and Catching Grief

The laughter started at the airport where I know a lot of people due to going there hundreds of times over the past 21 years.  It continued as I got to the office and to the sewing center.  Next I will go to the other houses where I expect to hear laughter as well.  But the laughter doesn’t bother me in the least.  What  bothers me is that everyone but one person who has seen me has said that I look good which really means that I looked like a hairy toad before the haircut.  Which is okay with me.  But I’m not so keen on looking good.

But I am off to a good start after only being back in Haiti for about 2 hours.  I am charging people to touch my hair and have made 25 cents so far.  Now I know that is not 56 thousand which people gave to have my hair cut.  But it’s a start!

The trip to Minnesota was great and the meetings that we had as we look to God for His direction for Heartline were challenging, stretching, and God was there as we prayed, read scripture and talked.  I hope within the next few weeks to share with you some exciting news about the direction Heartline will be going in.


  • The people Stateside  that work with Heartline are amazing
  • The Minnesota people are a gift to us
  • The people that support Heartline, blow me away with their generosity
  • Three day old whoppers taste better than fresh ones
  • I like being in the States but I love being in Haiti
  • Seeing several adoptive kids that have passed through Heartline touches my heart and make me thankful to God for the adoptive parents
  • God is faithful.



  1. Jake Glover says:

    I think it’s the sun glasses that really make the new look work for you. Terminator-esque.

  2. Tara says:

    The eyebrow trip never even got a mention … THAT was the real gift of the weekend. And Joel and Bob just did it out of pure affection.

    It is kind of sad having nothing to torture you about anymore.

    You look great by the way.


  3. Terri Urban says:

    John, Unlike most middle-aged bald guys, your hair will be back. Terri Urban

  4. Cheryl says:

    John, I too, think you look pretty handsome san yo pa cheve. Maybe even a little like Sean Connery. Hmmmmm.

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