The Day After

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Elections were yesterday and the unrest started before they were even over.  Cries of fraud, corruption, ballot box stuffing, ballot box emptying, ballot box destroying, government ineptness, and strong arming to force votes were common, and even the majority of the presidential candidates are demanding the the election be nullified. Demonstration began in the early evening, but today it has been pretty quiet with the occasional incident.  Today one of our workers was at an outdoor market buying supplies when shooting broke out in the area.  She joined the hundreds of others in running away from the shooting.  But mostly the country is in shut down mode, simmering as it waits for the election results to be announced in several days.  Then it could boil over.

See One Person’s Story

The country has largely shut down as it waits for the results.  And fear rules.  There are relatively few cars on the road, most businesses and schools are closed, as frustration and anger build.   As does apathy.

This probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but this is how Heartline was affected today by the fear induced shut down.

  • Only one student and not one teacher in our several programs came today.
  • The purse sewing ladies did not come to work today.
  • We couldn’t buy supplies to continue work on the teen mom house as the stores were closed.
  • We couldn’t find a truck to deliver sand so we could put down the ceramic tiles at the teen mom house.
  • We couldn’t find a truck to transport the pieces of the prefab house that we planned on putting up tomorrow.  So we try to get it done later in the week.
  • We couldn’t buy some supplies needed to feed the ladies at tomorrow’s maternity center program as the outdoor market shut down due to shooting. So we will get creative.
  • We couldn’t get Junior to come for a pizza supper to celebrate his birthday as he wanted to get home early.
  • Emmanuel couldn’t go to school today as it didn’t open.
  • We have had to reschedule appointments.
  • Some workers left work early to get home before dark.
  • Workers came late because there were much fewer public transportation vehicles on the road.

This doesn’t seem like much compared to the tens of thousands of sellers who are on the streets trying to eek out a living by selling pieces of candy, fruit, peanuts, and almost everything you can imagine. Many of these sellers live day by day and can’t afford  not be on the streets selling as there are children to feed and others that depend on their meager income.

Heartline will continue to endeavor to be the hands of Christ in Haiti especially in these difficult times. Your prayers matter. You matter.  Thank you for being to us hands of encouragement and support and we live and minister in Haiti. Please pray!!!





  1. Terri Urban says:

    Wow. Heavy stuff. Very thought provoking. Continuing to uphold Haiti in prayer and especially all of you at Heartline. Is the prefab house you mentioned in this post for Marjorie (Figi) or someone else?

    Thank you for keeping Haiti in the forefront of our minds and hearts.

    Terri U.

  2. Sarah D says:

    I am so excited that Rosemond & Antoinettes houses are in the works! 🙂 Thanks for all you and Heartline do for these awesome people!

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