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On January 12, 2010 the earth shook  in Haiti for a mere 43 seconds and unbelievably up to 300 thousand people died, 250 thousands buildings were destroyed or damaged, 30 thousand businesses were destroyed.  And it is estimated that up to 400 thousand people were injured on that fateful day.

Among the victims that were killed on that day were the parents of Rosemond, a young boy who after a series of stops at other places ended up in the Heartline Field Hospital.  He, himself, sustained severe injuries to his head, face, leg and hand. During his time at Heartline he received loving care by compassionate health professionals and has been ready for some time to move on.  But to where?  His house completely fell during the earthquake and all that remained was rubble.

Rosemond, pictured left, with his grandmother who has stayed at our field hospital with him is one of two patients still at our field hospital which is closing; but within several days there will be only one patient  because he now has a house to go to. Thanks to the efforts of a ten year-old boy named Malcolm and to those that pledge support as he walked for those that couldn’t.

I on July 6, 2010 received this e-mail from young Malcolm:

I am Malcolm Mitchell and I am 10 years old. I really want to try to get pepel to give some money for houses in Haiti. we were looking at pictures of the tents that the pepel are living in and I told my mom that we could do something. I like animals and I have some hens and me and my dad bult a coop and I was just thinking that the coop is a better house than the tents  where children and babies live with all the mud. That just isn’t fare! I want to walk to South Padre Island about 20 miles and kids and adults at my church and school and my mom and dad’s work could give like $1 a mile or maybe more and that could get the money to buld at least one house. I want to call it houses for haiti. I think if we have so much we should all give some! Also my brother Caelan is really good with computers and he can make a website and a movie that I could show pepel who live other places and get them to give some more money. He is 12. I hope you like my idea and my mom said maybe you could find a family that we could buld the house for and help us get the money to haiti. Thank you very much. Malcolm

And on October 9, 2010 Malcolm walked 17 miles and raised over $6000.00 that two families in Haiti who lost their houses in the earthquake may have new houses..  Read here about this remarkable young man.

Heartline in preparation for building a house for Rosemond and his grandmother had the rubble of the fallen house removed and we hired a mason to, with  cement,  give us a level place on which to put up the house.

Last week we in two days were able to put up the house for Rosemond and family and expect they within a few days or after the election nonsense going on, will move into their new home.  Heartline will be sending Rosemond to school as well.

Taken from the piece of land on which we put Rosemond’s house.  The damage from the earthquake is still visible 11 months later.

Putting up the walls

Making progress

Putting on the roof

Putting on the window and then the door and finished


We are so thankful to all who have prayed for Rosemond over the past several months.  We are so thankful to those who have faithfully supported Heartline so we were able to give quality care to those God brought to us.  We are so thankful to Malcolm and for those who supported him and made his dream a reality.  We are thankful to Chris, Renald, P, Junior, Luke and John for putting up the house. And above all we are thankful to God for His faithfulness.


  1. Sarah D says:

    This is awesome! Mwen renmen kay Rosemond! 🙂

  2. Terri Urban says:

    So happy for Rosemond! One of the greatest, most fun kids in the world as far as I’m concerned. Maybe someday Rosemond and Malcolm can meet. Thanks Malcolm, you did an awesome thing and the fact that you are 10 years old is amazing.

    Loved seeing the pictures!

    Terri Urban

  3. Sherri Healy says:

    That is great news! Cannot wait to see Rosemond again and his sweet grandma in their new house!

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