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Rosemond, the precious young boy who came into our care shortly after the earthquake is now home.  He was brought  to our field hospital by friends who received him in a trade off that was quite common in the first several weeks after the earthquake.  They brought a severely injured young man to an emergency hospital set up by the Israelis and they were told that they would receive him but our friends would have to take a patient already in the hospital but who wasn’t really all that bad. They did and called us and brought Rosemond to us.

As it turned out, his injuries were not minor and he for months received treatment and care by some amazing, amazing health care professionals that worked with Heartline during those hectic few months after the earthquake.

He was fragile; his father and mother had been killed in the earthquake, his home and school were destroyed, he had friends that had died, his world was turned upside down.  But God graciously allowed him to come to Heartline where he won the hearts of all that came to know him.

We have slowly been moving toward Rosemond moving back home and some months back we had the land cleared off of the rubble that once was his house before the earthquake.  A young man in the States named Malcolm walked 17 miles to raise money to purchase a house for Rosemond.  A couple of weeks ago we put the house up and then let Rosemond and his grandmother know that it was almost time to leave.  Rosemond grew increasingly sad as the day drew closer.  We had hired his grandmother to cook food for the patients and workers and when I told her that it was almost time to go, she asked if she could still work and would come daily on a taptap.  I readily agreed as she has been wonderful and she is a great cook.  We have been having Rosemond tutored for the past couple of months and even the tutor is sad even though Rosemond has not been the most willing student and could often  be found standing in a corner on one leg.  This is one of he interesting forms of punishment that teachers in Haiti hand out to students.  Since I think that not liking school is normal, at least it was for me, I would spend some time standing on one leg, in the corner with him.

Sunday night we had a party for Rosemond.  Andrama, the worker at the maternity center, cooked some wonderful Haitian food and we all gathered to eat and have cake; but we all knew why we were there and there was a ting of sadness which turned into a flood of tears.
Rosemond and His Grandmother.

Rosemond who is a great eater and had gained quite a bit of weight kind of picked at his food with tear stained cheeks.  His grandmother stood and from a grateful heart thanked God, Heartline and the people for their love and care.  We prayed and then the tears started flowing. And we ended the night with cake.  The next day he would be leaving. We would load him down with supplies that filled the bed of the pickup truck.  Rosemond and his grandmother fixtures at Heartline were leaving the hospital.

Rosemond shortly after he came to Heartline and before he had his hand worked on.

A recent picture


Pierre and Renald, who work for Heartline, brought Rosemond home and this is what they told me.

When he got out of the truck many people ran up to him and said, ‘Rosemond, you got so big.  How can I go to where you were and get fat like you.  If I break my leg will you take me to where you came from? Rosemond.  What if a house falls on me?”

Rosemond then happily pointed out to Pierre and Renald his friends and one said, “Rosemond, I never forgot about you.”  I was told this morning that the people Pierre and Renald that even though Rosemond was badly injured he went to other victims of th earthquake asking them if they were okay.

A new beginning has begun in Rosemond’s life.  We will be paying for him to go to school and keeping in touch with him as he begins this new chapter in his life.  To all who have prayed and been so supportive we say, ” Thank you.”



  1. Sherri Healy says:

    Love love love Rosemond and his Grandma! Only you John would be empathetic enough to share his corner space on one leg! God knew exactly what he was doing when that tradeoff was made! Hope to be able to see them again this side of heaven!

  2. johnmchoul says:

    Hey I wish when i was a kid all that I had to do was stand on one leg.

    • Sherri Healy says:

      Well, we lived in the era when the teachers could give a good whippin at school, I feel assured that you felt the back of the paddle many a time!! 🙂

  3. johnmchoul says:

    Yeah, I certainly didn’t get kicked out of school due to academic achievement.

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