Emmanuel Moves On

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Emmanuel came to us shortly after the earthquake.  He was in school when the earthquake hit and he spent three days buried under the rubble of the fallen school.  He as others that survived speak of others that were buried with them but  whose voices grew silent before they could be rescued. He as a result of the earthquake lost his lower right leg and  emotionally he was quite fragile and would often be depressed.

Emmanuel spent months with us healing both physically and emotionally.  We had amazing PT people that would work with and challenge him and after several surgeries to have his stump ready for his prosthetic leg he sported a beautifully crafted prosthetic leg.  It took a couple of months for the leg to fit properly as he required a few more trips to the surgeon to have his stump shaped properly.  It took a while and several adjustments for Emmanuel to feel comfortable with his leg and with himself.

It has been an honor  to have the Lord entrust Emmanuel to our care.  His uncle who supported Emmanuel to attend school died in the earthquake and his family is not able or not willing to care for him since the earthquake.

So Heartline has been paying for Emmanuel to attend school, and now because the field hospital which is becoming the teen mom house and a no man zone, is getting ready to officially open we have had to find another place for Emmanuel.

He will now live a few miles away with one of our long term workers and we will pay his portion of the rent and his monthly expenses.  We also have purchased a bike for him to get back and forth to school. We could use help with this if you feel God’s leading and you can click here to go to our home back to follow the options to give.

Thank you for enabling Heartline to make a difference in lives here in Haiti.  Thank you for your faithful love, prayers, and support.  Thank you for giving hope to Emmanuel and others like him.

Happy New Year,

John McHoul






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