Posted: January 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was at home when the call came.  It was Saturday night at about 7:00.  The caller lives next door to the sewing center with her teen age  children and other teens that are somehow related.  She was out of the city but six teens were at home and  something had happen and help was needed.

She told me that another neighbor, the owner of the house, was inside her house.  “Are you sure?”, I asked and she said that the children had seen him walking up the stairway inside the house.  I asked her how that could be since he had died a few days earlier.  And then she said the “Z” word.  It was a zombie.  So instead of joking about it or saying, “Come on get real.” as I knew it wouldn’t help, I told her that I would drive over to the teen mom house where the zombie seeing girls had fled.

Arriving at the teen mom house, I saw six teens huddled together in a circle with their bodies tensed, their eyes darting around,  looking afraid.  While I was speaking to them, a mango fell out of the tree and smashed onto the ground and they ran out the gate.  I looked up the tree because one never knows if the zombie followed them and now was in the tree trying to bean them with mangoes.  He wasn’t there.  But it does seems that the zombie sighting has been verified by other neighbors as well.

So we drove to my house where we have two big dogs but if you have seen a zombie then there is no reason to be afraid of Maguire, our 200 plus pound mastiff.

The girls had run out of the house without eating and the next morning when I brought them back early to get ready for church, the food was still on the table.  The zombie mustn’t have been hungry.

Yesterday I spoke to the neighbor and she said that she was going to a local outdoor market to buy stuff with which to wash the house that will keep the zombie from coming back.  When I asked her what stuff, she said that it was a Haitian thing and that I wouldn’t understand.  She is right, I don’t.  But I think the other neighbors are washing their houses as well.

Hopefully the street will now be a no zombie zone, but every now and then I will check the mango trees as I don’t want to get beaned by a mango throwing zombie.


  1. Sheila says:

    you mean the owner of the house for the sewing school….?

  2. Sheila says:

    That is so sad…he looked so sick the last time I saw him.

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