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The word went out “telejol” “radio trantde” style.  A reunion, a party, a celebration was going to be held at the former Heartline Field Hospital for all former patients and family who could come.  We expected a few but many, many people came!   Many Minnesota medical folks flew in with Dr Jen to celebrate.  The Livesay family arrived back home to Haiti just in time.  Cherline, who works at the maternity center, got cooking huge amounts of food.  Sarah and Sarah flew in from LA.

It has been a year unlike all others.  We will never repeat it nor would we want to.  This year, these people, this field hospital impacted all our lives in a way that is impossible to articulate.    It bound Americans and Haitians together in suffering and healing, incredible sorrow and joy, loss and recovery.

It started as a response to the earthquake and over crowded hospitals.  Medical people and missionaries gathered and in a weekend put together a trauma center/hospital that lasted as a hospital/community for almost a year.  Wounds were treated, prostheses were fit by connections made with other medical facilities, moms and babies were saved, broken bones were set and lives were slowly but surely put back together.  Stories of huge loss unfolded and stories of healing started to emerge.  Every person who came and went seemed profoundly affected, both the wounded and the staff.

As I looked around the party at the visiting, laughing, people I wondered how many would not be alive if not for the care given to them by the medical folks at Heartline.  We became a family brought about by the shaking of the earth.  Some of these people will be connected to us forever.  My heart fills with joy when they visit.  They are over comers and I got to witness it.  Mom’s who lost children, people who lost arms and legs, children who lost their parents and siblings.  It seemed the earthquake spared no one, had no mercy as the buildings fell.  But God, medicine and love can do a lot of things and people were healed.

Antoinette carries around a huge bag of charcoal on her head – walking with her prosthesis.  Emmanuel rides his bike while his jean cover his prosthesis.  Rosemond who was so severely injured is back in school with kids his age.  Little Emmanuel who was crushed celebrated his fourth birthday yesterday.  He runs and plays like every boy his age.  Ronny sees out of an eye very damaged.  Colette, who cried out to Troy from a sea of wounded is now well.  She had a crushed pelvis and a 7month pregnancy inside it.  They both were at our party.   Troy promised her he would return for her, he did, she got the medical help she needed and she is now well!  The stories go on and on.  We celebrate healing.  We celebrate God’s goodness in the midst of terrible tragedy.  We celebrate life.

Here we are just a few days away from the first anniversary of the earthquake.  So much is still terrible here.  So many buildings are still in rubble, the country still suffers and the Haiti tragedies continue.  But in our corner of Haiti hope lives.  Healing took place, God moved, people worked together and much was accomplished.

I am privileged – I got to witness this.


Beth McHoul

Troy Livesay with Collette who had a pelvic fracture while seven month pregnant

Collette with daughter Esther.  Collette was not expected to survive the birth of Esther.  But God had other plans.

Rosemond and Emmanuel

Mama Emmanuel and Amanda

Chandler with Emmanuel, Antionette and her daughter. 

Big Emmanuel who lost a lower leg in the earthquake

Lots of food

Getting ready for a time of worship


Although it has been almost one year since the earthquake it seems that very little has been done to help those who lost their homes get into new housing.  Just last night Troy and I went to Corail where the government has been relocating those that lost their homes.  We in the upcoming week are looking to provide at least six houses and are now working on the cost.  You can continue to help Heartline help others.  Click here to donate.


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