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On January 12th the people in our mission set time aside to reflect, pray, sing, and eat together.  It was as if we were holding a collective breath only to be let out on January 13th.  We’re not superstitious, we did not expect another earthquake but we all knew that this was a special day, a holy day, a day to remember, a day to put together our thoughts, memories and grieve.  I spent most of the day in tears as I reflected on this year of all years in Haiti.

I wasn’t even here for the earthquake.  I was in Florida after running the Disney Marathon as part of a team raising money for our ambulance.  I took a few extra days to see my children and grandchildren when the call came.  Five days later I was on a chartered plane full of medical people ready to start a clinic the next day.  That clinic turned into the field hospital which still has it’s last remaining patient.

In many ways the wounded healed me this year.  My friendships are deeper, my commitment stronger, my life’s moments more cherished.  My love for Haiti has grown.

I sit  typing at the glass table in our dining room where John sat when our house shook.  He sat in silence watching my dishes fly off the shelves breaking into thousands of pieces.  It never occurred to him to move, to run outside, to get out.  That’s who he is.  Our house rocked and swayed spilling contents about but the house itself stood firm while the property walls came falling down.  Just a few miles away, the owner of this house, a lovely Haitian doctor, was killed as the house she lives in crumbled and fell upon her and her sister.

Many of the people who are in my everyday life I would not have known if not for the earthquake that brought us together.    This includes the teen moms.  On the morning of the 12th I went to the teen mom house/field hospital and walked into an impromptu worship service they were having.  Full of passion and tears they stood up one after the other telling their stories of that day.  Their preaching could have rivaled a televangelist.  Cherline (who works at the maternity center) even shook our hands at the end like any good preacher does as he finishes up.  One gal who lost her hand told of lying in the dark being bitten by insects.  Another told of the house collapsing around her.  Another thought it was the end of the world – and for thousands it was.

We cried, we hugged, we were glad to have each other and to have the Lord who brought us together.

Later I worshiped with our mission family and we prayed and sang while Troy and Aaron led us.  Troy was in the earthquake and Aaron came because of it.  We paused on the 12th – relived some of the pain and sorrow of that day.  On the 13th we breathed a sigh of relief and got back to work.  Haiti needed healing before the earthquake and it desperately needs it now.  That’s why we stay, that’s why we work, that’s why we make a difference



  1. Joanna says:

    Well said Beth. I love you, love John and love the ministry that you have welcomed me to be part of. My life is forever changed.

  2. Sarah D says:

    I will remember this day (Jan 12th, 2011) for the rest of my life…it stands in such stark contrast to that hopeless, helpless feeling I had on Jan 12th, 2010. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the ‘remembering’ of this day…something in my heart healed as we listened to the teen moms tell their stories and worshipped together. I am so grateful for Heartline & the healing that happens there.

  3. Ann Everett says:

    Beth & John, while this past year has been so devastating in so many ways, it has also presented a unique opportunity for people to wake up to the kind of life to which most people in Haiti have become accustomed. I love the statement from Beth about being healed herself by those she was healing. It is true that God often ministers to us while we minister to others. His provision and protection are given to those who operate in His will and if ever people have laid down their lives for others, it is you and those who serve with you. May you never, ever grow weary of the work God preordained for you! – Galations 6:9 “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” The concordance shows that “weary” here means to be “utterly spiritless, wearied out, exhausted” and while that can sometimes be the case physically, you will NEVER be without the Spirit of God Who will sustain you in every good work. Please know that you are not only the hands and feet of Christ in Haiti, you are His very heartbeat. – love you both heaps and gobs! Ann & Mark

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