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Posted: January 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
Since I was a child I have had a strong passion to be with women and deliver babies.  It wasn’t till I was an adult that the dream became more defined.  I attended a Christian midwifery college emphasizing  maternal health care in developing nations.  Growing up in the States I didn’t know a lot about what happened around the world.  I didn’t know that most of the world doesn’t live the way we do, that we are actually the minority.  I learned that half a million women die around the world from issues related to pregnancy and birth, leaving over 2 million children motherless each year.  I was horrified, knowing that most of the deaths could had been prevented.  I learned how unique a relationship is between a woman and her midwife.  I learned how amazing a tool midwifery is in getting to tell people about Jesus and encourage spiritual growth.  I was blessed to do all my clinical training in school in the Philippines, where I could see first hand how basic health care is essential .  After I graduated midwifery school I spent a year in YWAM doing two training schools.  After that God led me back to the Philippines to be on staff with Newlife International School of Midwifery.  Newlife is an accredited midwifery school in the United States.  Like the school I graduated from, Newlife is a Christian college that is passionate about training women to be missionary midwives.  I was on staff with Newlife for 3 1/2 years.  It was during that time that I met Beth McHoul.  She came one summer for a 5 week internship, wanting to see how our maternity center functioned and to get some birthing experience.  She spoke often about the women’s program that she was developing in Port au Prince, Haiti.  I was excited for what she was developing in Haiti.  I could tell she had a real passion and calling to the people of Haiti.  A few years later after I left the Philippines I was living in Colorado, seeking life direction.  I spent a lot of time with friend, Lisa Buxman who was planning to come to Haiti and work with Beth in the maternity program.  Through hearing more about the work being done in Haiti and seeking out God’s plan, I committed to come to Haiti for 3 months, starting in September 2009.  I didn’t know much about Haiti before coming besides how the media projects the country.  To my surprise I found Haiti to be a place of immense light and life.  People live very hard lives here, yet they have such joy and a will to fight and survive.  In the women’s program I saw Haitian women bloom as they received education that gives them hope and a future.  I saw women beating the statistics I learned about in school through getting prenatal care, education, a safe birth, and breastfeeding.  I also saw how their lives were transformed week by week through Christ centered community. I caught on fast and also became very passionate about the work being done in the woman’s program with Heartline Ministries.  I committed to come back January 2010 to continue to help out with the maternity program and help Beth through her midwifery education.  I arrived January 7, five days before the earthquake.  I feel blessed to have been in Haiti through that time, and be a part of Heartline’s response to the earthquake.  I feel honored to have walked through such a dynamic year with the Haitian people.  I have learned this last year how powerfully God can work through us when we surrender in obedience to his will.  I am excited to continue serving in Haiti with Heartline Ministries.
We are glad to have Joanna with us at Heartline.
Click HERE to check out some of Joanna’s spectacular photos of:
  • Some of our ladies having a memorial service of the year anniversary of the earthquake
  • Some of the teen moms in our program
  • Food prep and cooking
  • Bead making by one of our workers
  1. where in the Philippines is Newlife School of Midwifery located? do you have an address/website for it? i live in the Phiippines.

  2. johnmchoul says:

    You can check them out at Thanks for writing.

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