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We waited almost a year for our ambulance.  In a country where lots of things don’t make sense we had no other choice than to wait for a vehicle already paid for.  It was sort of fitting to have to wait over nine months for a vehicle for a maternity program.  We waited well.  It was a busy year, many months were taken up with the field hospital and we let the ambulance sit on the back burner.  Good thing since front burner would have meant frustration.  It took months to put the plates on the ambulance after months of waiting for it to get out of customs.

This long awaited, paid for by the sweat of many runners, vehicle is one that will get us to emergency help quickly.  It is outfitted with emergency equipment, a stretcher and anything we need on a ride to a hospital.   Most important of all it has flashing lights and a siren.  In a country where horns honk constantly and traffic jams are constant, lights and siren are a must!

Finally our ambulance arrived!  It sits in our maternity center driveway waiting till it is called to duty.  Just today Tony Ketterrer and his dad Don finished installing all the necessary emergency equipment.  It is ready to roll.

We had to take it on a test run.  We needed to get the feel, make it real and put on a few miles.  We stopped at the Harbor House and the teen moms, workers and patients climbed in with Jonna and I.  Then we got Paige, Tara and Lydie Livesay and spun around our neighborhood.  We went down the road where many of our ladies live pretending to be speeding to pick up a laboring mom.  We had fun!

How fitting that some of our riders were former patients at our field hospital.  People that a year ago desperately needed a ride in an ambulance after they were hurt in the earthquake but didn’t get one.

Our ambulance will speed us to hospitals to get our ladies help when necessary.   This ambulance symbolizes that these ladies are worth it.  They deserve medical attention when they need it and transportation to get there.  The ambulance says that we will fight for them when they need help.  We will get them care when they can’t do it for themselves.   The ambulance says we care about their lives.

This vehicle is much more than a ride to the hospital – it is a labor of love!

Beth McHoul

The Ambulance

Beth the driver

Test ride

Test ride

Praying over the ambulance

We can best express our appreciation to you for your support by being diligent in our work here in Haiti.  Thank you for caring enough to give.


  1. Tim says:


    I can make the vinyl decals for the vehicle if you or someone has a logo and verbage/design.


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