Happy Birthday Kenny

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was a huge deal.  Two cakes were made, Djenie’s hair and clothes were special for the occasion, Kenny was dressed in an outfit for the party and another in the wings for pictures.  We all gathered around.

They have been in our lives for a year this pair.  Mother and son.  Teen and baby.  Joined at the hip never far from the edge but safe in Heartline’s nest.  For many months Djenie and son Kenny were part of Heartline Hospital.  They changed bedrooms when the house changed names – to Harbor House.  A safe haven for teen moms and their babies directed by Troy and Tara Livesay.

Djenie had by far the most extreme life circumstances and has made the most progress.  As told on our blog before, Djenie and Kenny arrived to Heartline from the sea of poverty in Cite Soleil on our white truck when Kenny was 3 days old and 3 pounds.  They have been with us ever since.   A year ago celebrating his first birthday was but a dim hope.  That he would celebrate it as a developmentally on target kid is a miracle.

That Djenie would be a successful part of our community a year later is also a miracle.  She loves us deeply – we love her.  She helps with chores at the maternity center without being asked.  She recovers from explosive anger more quickly than even a few months ago.  She thinks ahead.  Extreme poverty does not allow people to think ahead – they have to survive the day, get food for the day, live for today.  Djenie spent her first 16 years with this thinking.  At Harbor House the girls are allowed 3 days a month visiting family or friends.  Yesterday Djenie, armed with leftover cake, headed to Cite Soleil to visit family.  She said she would only be staying two days in case she wanted another day later in the month!  Planning ahead!  That is huge!

A year ago we wondered if Kenny would live through the night.  A year ago we thought at any point Djenie might return to Cite Soleil and be lost to us and enter back into a world of violence, poverty and hopelessness.

We had so many miracles this year.  We continually saw the hand of God in the lives of our patients.  Djenie and Kenny are miracles and we continue to see the power of love in their lives every day.

We celebrate more than a birthday of a one year old boy.  We celebrate the power of healing, life and love!  We celebrate hope!

Beth McHoul














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