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It  is early in the morning and I am writing from Niceville, Florida where Beth and I are at a Missions’ Conference.  No, I did not misspell the name, it is “Niceville” and the name of the town, if named after the people we have met and been with could easily be changed to “Super Niceville” or Really Nice Niceville” or “Wicked Good Nice Niceville.”

I have been getting up early each day to sit outside and watch the birds fly around for whatever reasons they fly around and to hear their morning conversations as they sing out.  I am not missing the all through the day crows of the off-key Haitian roosters. I do miss being in Haiti and look forward to being back there with those that God has graciously allowed us to work with.

Last night we spoke to a small group and after the group the leader told me that she and her husband have prayed for us daily since we were at that same small group five years ago.  Man, did I ever feel humbled and loved. And I have met several people who have said, “I remember your messages from five years ago.” I am thankful that God can use any of us if we will just hang in there and stay close.

I’ve been thinking about when Jesus fed the thousands with a handful of fish and bread and the part the disciples played in that.  If they were to write a book about it would perhaps look something like this:


Chapter 1.  We were hungry and found food for ourselves.

Chapter 2.  There were a lot of people around bothering us for food, we asked Jesus to send them away to find food so we could eat.

Chapter 3.  Jesus had compassion on them and refused to send them away.

Chapter 4.  Jesus took our food and blessed it.

Chapter 5.  Jesus had us take the fish and bread and pass it out and everyone ate and there was a bunch left over.

What did the disciples do?  Well, they were there and they gave out the food but if it was up to them the people would have been sent away hungry.  There is something about being there.  There is something about being faithful.  There is something about hanging on day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.  There is something about still being close, close to Jesus,  through the trial and struggles and storms and the turns of life.  If we can take the tiniest credit, it is that we were there, we stayed close, we didn’t give up and when God did God stuff we were there.  The disciples passed out the food but Jesus did the God stuff.

Yesterday morning I sat at a breakfast table with a couple of former jet fighter pilots.  I looked at them as we prayed and as they cried as we talked about missions and their own children being in far away countries telling others about Jesus.  I am glad to be here and I feel a certain amount of safety being with such men, not due to their abilities as fighter pilots, but due to the tears that they have cried.

John (trying to stay close) McHoul

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Great post. Thank you.

  2. Corrin D says:

    I really appreciate the authenticity and transparency of your posts. Your heart and service is an inspiration. My family’s prayers are with you and the Heartline family.

  3. johnmchoul says:

    Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

  4. Woo-hoo! That was great! It was like a blueberry Sno-Cone on a hot July afternoon on the streets of a hometown. If I ever needed a Word, it was now. If there was a specific Word I needed, that was it. My wife and children are back in the states for a month (read: difficult enough), and there are some things coming up that I am not looking forward too facing on my own (read: needing my helpmeet). Now I’m just looking forward to being there when He does His God stuff. YES!

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