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The Haiti earthquake happened over 17 months at 4:53 PM on January 12, 2010.  So much for Heartline changed on that day as we shifted into  emergency mode as we worked with an amazing group of volunteers to help victims of the earthquake.  We for about three weeks had a emergency clinic which we set up at the Sewing Center.  There, we saw hundreds of people , many, actually most with severe blunt trauma injuries due to the earthquake.

After about three weeks we noticed a slow down of those who had been severely injured and we took a hard look at where we were sending people when they left our clinic.  We were simply bringing them back where they had come from and for many that was a demolished or damaged house.  Not the best way to recover, plus many would need ongoing care.

So we had a meeting where we talked about opening a field hospital at what was the girl’s home before the earthquake.  There we would give aftercare to the those injured until they were ready to go home.  I asked Dr. Jen, “How long do you think that we will keep the field hospital open?” She responded, “Six week.”  Well it ended up being about 12 month, plus six weeks and at our peak, we had about 100 people at the hospital.

It was an incredible time where dozens of medical people from the States and Canada came and with compassion and skill gave loving aftercare.  It was an amazing time of community and of seeing God work His power and love.

We a few months ago finally discharged our last patient but it was not the end as the pages of this story are still being written.  Everyday I am reminded of those days as I looked at some of  those who are still a part of our lives.  And almost weekly we hear of ongoing needs and we are presented with opportunities and challenges as we look to help.

Heartline is moving forward on several fronts.  We have recently established the Harbor House for teenage moms and their children.  We, at the Sewing Center, have added beading to what the ladies make and now they create some beautiful and funky jewelry.  We are working on the new property we purchased and have a school for our missionary children being built.  We have new missionaries that will be joining us within a couple of months.  We have a 7000 square foot maternity center on the drawing board for which funds are being raised.  We are moving forward on other fronts but I am very much aware of us moving forward by staying connected to the past.

Let me share a bit about this:


  • Employing some injured in the earthquake
  • Sending three of former patients to school.
  • Sending through a sponsor in the States a young Haitian lady, who volunteered with us, to medical school here in Haiti.
  • Continuing to build houses for some who lost their homes
  • Helping with rent for several of our former patients.  Just today we paid the rent for the year ($385.00) for a small one room house.
  • Transporting patients to the doctors for appointments and to hospitals for surgeries
  • Having former patients and family members in our various programs
  • Helping make house repairs
Our lives here are busy and at times we are spread thin.  Even tomorrow I am trying to juggle vehicles and people around so we can get done what needs to be done.  And at the end of the day, I know that I will look back and marvel at God’s faithfulness as we endeavor to be the hands of Christ in Haiti.
We are so very thankful to you for your prayers and support.  Heartline is making a difference and you are helping.
Your continuing help is matters.  You matter.  Click HERE  to donate as we MOVE FORWARD WHILE  CONNECTING TO THE PAST.  Your giving helps.  Your giving is making a difference. Your giving is an investment in the lives of those that Heartline touches.
In the Grip of His Grace,


  1. Sami says:

    I am so blessed by your heart.

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