The Amazing Heartline Ladies

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Uncategorized


The Heartline Sewing, Artisan, and Literacy graduation was held on Friday, July 1st.  I have been to a number of graduations here in Haiti but I must say that this graduation was amazing. I felt as if I was attending the graduation of one of my children, except in this case,  I felt in some way that they were all my children. The sewing and artisan ladies worked incredibly hard throughout the year as could be seen by the clothes and crafts that they displayed during the fashion show segment of the graduation.  I was surprised at all they had created. I hadn’t known.

The Literacy Class

I found the Literacy class to be the one that  especially touched me. First off, notice that the only teen in the group is the 14 year old at the far right; I’ll get back to her in a minute, the rest are quite a bit older and one is in her 50’s.  Notice the older lady to the far left.  Did you know that it was her daughter that taught this class?  Imagine all the dynamics of having a daughter as the teacher and the mother as the student. Imagine the strength it took for this mama to  reach deep and decide that she was going to learn to read and write.  Imagine, the joy and pride that the daughter must have felt as she lovingly and patiently taught the class and her mama.

Let’s go back to the 14 year old on the far right, and let’s move three ladies to the left.  Look at their faces, look closely. Do you see the resemblance?  You are looking at a mother and her daughter.  Wow!  A mama and her daughter that can now read, read to one another or read to others.  A mother and her daughter that can now add, subtract, multiply and divide.  Wow, Wow, Wow!

Looking at the  teen moms from the Harbor House that came to the graduation, I said to Troy, “Wouldn’t it be great if these teen moms saw themselves in these graduates and began to think: Hey I can do this. I would like to try. After the ceremony as we were sitting and eating a delicious Haitian meal, one of the teen moms came up  and said, “I would like to attend the school next year.”  I felt my heart leap within me  and shout: YES, YES. YES!

The Heartline School is Haitian run. The director, the teachers, the staff, the helpers are all Haitian women.  We serve as advisors and give (not me) advice and direction on color matching and style in the making of the purses and beads. It is Haitian women helping, teaching, encouraging, challenging and enabling Haitian women.

I have learned over the past three years that we have had this school, that often it is just the chance, the opportunity that some one needs. I have seen ladies who were living from places to places  due to a lack of money, now be able to rent their own small houses and to care for their children and to send them to school. I strongly believe that if given an opportunity most will rise to the challenge and seize the day rather than be seized by it and work to improve their lives.

You can see some of the beautiful purses and beads that our ladies make by going to  Haitian Creations where the ladies are Creating Beauty and Giving Hope.

John McHoul

  1. Sheila says:

    I so love that yet another class graduated – I hated to miss it.
    Awesome stuff!!

  2. Gail O says:

    I’m impressed! Congratulations to an amazing, dedicated group of ladies! I’m heading over to Haitian Creations to see their handiwork.

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