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Marjorie is an amazing young lady who has been a part of the Heartline community since February 2010 when she was brought to us for aftercare by a British medical organization, serving in Haiti due to the earthquake.

Here is Marjorie’s story,

“I was born on March 4th, 1981, in Petionville, Haiti.  On January 12th, 2010, the day of the earthquake, I was  at school where I had been studying to be a Kindergarten teacher.

The five story school building collapsed and I was trapped under the rubble for two days. I couldn’t see any light and was sure that I was going to die.  I had injuries to my head, face, leg and to my left arm.  There were fifty students in my classroom and forty-seven died including my cousin.  Her body was never found.

It took two days for rescuers looking for survivors to find me and dig me out.  I was brought to a local hospital where I stayed for a couple of days until I was transferred to a hospital set up by Merlin, an international organization.  There my left hand was amputated, my severely damaged right foot was operated on and I had surgery on my face and head to repair damage from the cement blocks that fell on me.

Merlin ask Heartline who had set up a field hospital to do aftercare if they would take me, and so, in February 2010 I moved to Heartline for aftercare.  There, I received wonderful care and throughout my months at Heartline I was transported by Heartline many times to other hospitals for more surgeries.

Heartline built a new home for my family because the one we lived in had been destroyed in the earthquake and I in August 2010 was able to return home to be with my family.  One month later Heartline called me and asked if I would like to work at the field hospital, which is now the Harbor House, a home for teenage moms and their children. I right away said, “Yes”  and have worked and lived there since.

And now my journey continues as I  this Saturday, will be going with Dr. Jen to be fitted for a prosthetic hand.  It has been almost eighteen months since my hand was amputated and I am excited but afraid as well.  Please pray for me.


Marjorie is an incredible worker. Although she has only one hand, there seems to be very little that she can’t do.  She cleans, sweeps, mops, does dishes, and cooks.  We love her, value here and to us she is a hero.  We would like to help her as the prosthetic hand is not free and will cost $400.00 and that is not all.  Marjorie has said that she would like to go back to school and that she would like to study Medical Technology so that she could work in a medical lab here in Haiti.  This is a two year course of study and it will cost $600.00 per year.  We are thankful to God that Marjorie has not let the loss of her arm keep her from dreaming and hoping.  And we would like to help her.

There, no doubt, are some reading this blog that, from your times at Heartline, know Marjorie and are equally impressed with her and amazed at her positive outlook.  Others, have read about her and have known her story for some time now.  And now we are coming to you to ask if you would consider helping Marjorie to get her prosthetic hand and if you would considering investing into her life by helping her attend school.

This is a young woman that we have now known for almost eighteen months.  We have seen her endure intense pain, work hard at physical therapy, work hard at Heartline and now she desires  to move forward.  She truly has risen from the rubble and wants to rise even higher.

You can help by clicking on Help Marjorie

Thank you for helping to make a difference in the life of a special young lady.


  1. kathy says:

    She sounds amazing. It’s a hard thing to pick up and go on after going through so much trauma.

  2. johnmchoul says:

    I can’t imagine and at times I just look at her and marvel at her positive outlook and her cheerfulness.

  3. Gail O says:

    Way to go, Marjorie! I am pleased to help you reach for your dreams.

  4. Sarah says:

    After meeting Marjorie personally I can attest to her joy and I am so happy she is building a brighter future for herself! Her heart to help fellow Haitian people by choosing to work in the medical field is very inspiring to me!

  5. Shari says:

    John, I just had a chance to read the blog, clicked on the ‘help’ link, and both of the goals are totally funded! Wow! Are there other needs she has? Or are there other girls? I realize that’s probably a silly question, but you obviously hit a nerve with your readers (us) with the details you provided about Marjorie.

    • johnmchoul says:

      We probably set the goal a tad low concerning school as she will need a couple of uniforms, books, transportation…so more given toward her school would be great.

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