Posted: August 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thank you for your generous response to my last blog where I asked help in raising the $400.00 to pay for Marjorie’s prosthetic arm and $1200 to pay for her to attend school for two years where she will study Medical Technology.  She, upon completion of the two years, will be able to work in a lab here in Haiti.  We are hoping that she will stay with Heartline and work at the Maternity Center’s lab.  She will, while attending school,  continue to work at the Harbor House and live there as well.

Her new arm is amazing and and she through a couple of pressure points in her upper arm can open and close the plastic claw/hook type end of the arm.  She can now pick up and carry things with her new arm hand, which she of course, couldn’t do before as she had no hand.

Your giving to Heartline continues to make a difference.  You are making a difference.  We, on behalf of Marjorie, thank you for your love, care, and generosity.  Check out the photos below and be looking later this week for another blog entitled: ANOTHER WOMAN AT ANOTHER WELL.



  1. so beautiful how amazing

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