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The first class of the recently opened Heartline School is standing with Jimmy and Becky the Terrific Texan Teachers.  The school for the Heartline missionary kids is located on the property which we affectionately call the ‘Okay’ as it used to be the location of the Okay Corral, Haiti’s only western theme restaurant.  If in Haiti contact us to see this amazing piece of land; but excuse us if we can’t stop talking about what God is doing as we continue to: LOSE SIGHT TO GAIN VISION.

The Heartline family gathered at the school on opening day to worship and pray before classes officially began. We sang, prayed, ate, fellowshipped, and thanked God for what He is doing.

In addition to the opening of the Heartline School, on the same day we had the sewing, literacy, craft making and cooking school opening at the Sewing Center.  The beading class had already started.

This is the first year of the Heartline Cooking School and in just their fourth day, the ladies have cooked some amazing stuff. There are about 20 ladies in this our first class.

Don’t know what this is, but the ladies made it on their first day and it tasted great.

Look at what the cooking school ladies made today.

Some of the cooking school students


We call the program, The Sewing Center, but clearly we will have to change the name as much more than sewing goes on here.  We have sewing classes on both floors of the house with the ladies learning on treadle sewing machines.  We have outgrown our present location which we rent, but will stay for at least one more year.  We hope by January 2013 to be in a much larger building on the Okay property.

One of the craft making classes.  Next time you are in Haiti come to our gift shop and check out the amazing crafts, purses, and beads that the Heartline ladies create.

Moving forward at Corail

The several times I have been to Corail since the well has been dug and installed, I find the well surrounded by people pumping water in mostly five gallon containers.

Under construction: The two room outhouse to serve the families in the five houses that Heartline built in Corail.  It, I am told, will be finished this week.

Several days ago we posted a blog in which we highlighted Olez and her family.   In response to that blog, Pastor Steve McClelland of the West Brattleboro Baptist Church in West Brattleboro, Vermont brought in a beautiful, multi-functional wheel chair for Olez’s eight year old handicapped son. When we arrived at Corail with the wheel chair, this is how we found Olez’s son. He was on a couple of sheets and some cloth that were placed on the cement floor of the house.  I didn’t see the old wheel chair and when I asked where it was I was told that it was broken and that he couldn’t sit in it and that they had thrown it away.

The wheel chair, I was told, was given by a young girl from the W. Brattleboro Baptist Church in Vermont, who became aware of the need by seeing our previous blog.  It is amazing that in less than a week after the blog was posted this wheel chair, brought in by Pastor Steve McClelland, is  being used by an eight year old boy in Haiti. Clearly this is love, care, and concern in action.

Thank you for your continuing support of Heartline.  All that has been mentioned in this blog and much more would not be possible if not for your care, prayers, love and support.  Looking at those in the Heartline programs I can’t help but thing of  Proverbs 13:12

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,  but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

So many in Haiti know disappointment as a close companion,  but it our hope and prayer that through the ministry of Heartline many will find their dreams fulfilled.



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