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Emmanuella leaves the cocoon of Heartline Maternity tomorrow and goes home a mother. Baby is fever free, breast feeding is established and they are good to go – or are they? After leaving the hospital where she slept on a mat, post cesarean section, she and baby came back to us. We treated them both for STD’s – left behind by her attacker. Heather, our lactation consultant, worked with her on breast feeding and we have been giving both mom and baby round the clock care. Meals, clean clothes, pampers, all delivered without asking. It makes me cringe knowing she will go home and have to fend for herself. She may be 15 and have walls up to the outside world but she is madly in love with her baby. First named “Makinlove”, somewhere within the week he had the name change to Daniel. We like that better if asked. The hormones God put in women have done their faithful work and Emmanuella is ever the attentive mom. She is still a bit angry with me that I gave him an injection and cleaned his cord. His comfort is ever paramount in her mind. We are delighted at this! Thrilled that she did not reject her baby and she is embracing motherhood. Thrilled that she stayed the course, breast fed him while in the hospital and is caring for him. Tomorrow we will bring her home where she lives with her dad and aunt. Another aunt, a pretty supportive one, has shown up and is being helpful although she lives in the countryside and is headed home. She has to go back to work. The Harbor House is full. Truth be told we could fill 10 Harbor Houses and not have enough room for every pregnant young lady in need of support and shelter. Every week we encounter young, pregnant girls who don’t seem ready or able to be a mom. Just today we sat with a young girl who had 2 stillbirths and one baby die on day 5. Three pregnancies and no live babies and here she sat before us pregnant again. We will watch over Emmanuella and Daniel, we will make sure they come to Child Development class and watch that he stays healthy and is gaining weight. Pray with us that is goes well as we send them home to desperately poor conditions. God has been faithful, mother and child are well, a twosome in love, Out of the wretchedness of rape came hope and a beautiful, loved baby boy. Love won this round! Emmanuella is proving that with support you can overcome and win. The battle is far from over but so far so good. We press on!

Beth McHoul

Beautiful Mom and Son

  1. Gail says:

    Everytime I read your posts, I thank God for the work you are doing in the lives of mothers and babies in Haiti, it is amazing and inspiring. Press on……

  2. kathy says:

    Such a tiny bundle. God be with them. It’s hard enough being a mom in the best of conditions.

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