My First Experince With Childbith by Chandler Hamilton

Posted: January 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Guest Blog by Chandler Hamilton: Chandler  is a student at the  University of Texas in Austin where she is majoring in retail merchandising & apparel design, minoring in business.  She will graduate in May 2012.

My first experience with childbirth. Yowza.

Josh (my boyfriend/working to be fiances)  and I have been so very blessed to get to work with Heartline Ministries for one year now. Usually while in Haiti, you can find me at the sewing and beading center. However, yesterday I got the opportunity to step outside my realm and join the amazing women at the maternity center. The closest I had ever been to birth before this was seeing a pregnant belly, which to be honest had always creeped me out. Not only did pregnant bellies make me uncomfortable, but the slightest bit of blood makes me nauseous. Perfect candidate to help with a birth, eh?  Sarah Obermeyer was such a great and very patient teacher. She walked me through the whole process and taught me how to rub the mom-to-be’s back during the contractions, and that I did. When she cringed, I rubbed. The louder she got, the harder I rubbed. This was all my nervous and noob self knew how to do.

The beautiful new mom’s name is Lovely. She is adorable, so sweet, and smiled through about 20 of the 24 hours she was in labor. Amazed doesn’t come close to describing how I feel about Beth McHoul, Sarah Obermeyer, Jen Halverson, and Sarah Dornbos, the women God chose to bring the little beautiful boy into the world. I have a newfound respect for midwives, doctors, and delivering mamas. Lovely was in labor for about 24 hours people. 24 hours of something painfully trying to push its way out of you. OUCH. The immense amount of strength and courage she and the midwives had throughout the whole process just blows me away. God put enough strength in that tiny room to take on a full army.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about and struggling with seeing unequal treatment of people. Seeing people being disrespected and mistreated based on their race, social status, education, appearance, and so on breaks my heart. It especially breaks my heart seeing it here in Haiti. The beautiful thing I learned about childbirth last night is how universal it is.  When you’re having a baby, it doesn’t matter what color you are, how educated you are, how much money you have, it HURTS. No matter who you are, you have to completely rely on God to find the massive amount of inner strength to push through and bring your baby into the world. The love I saw from that mom by her ability to fight through the pain, her own discomfort, and do what was needed for her baby amazed me. So much love.

Last night Sarah O. was telling me about the stark contrast you find in childbirth between agonizing pain and complete joy, all in one instant. I have never seen this more true. Lovely screamed, cried, and pushed, she was in so much pain for sooo many hours, and in one instant that baby was welcomed into the world and she immediately starting praising God. She literally threw her arms in the air and just kept saying “Mesi Jezi! Mesi Senior! Mesi Jezi! Mesi Senior!” This is so true in life I think. God takes us through highs and lows, hand in hand. One would not be as bitter or sweet without the other, but He is with us the entire time. But He is ACTUALLY with us the entire time. Something I appreciate about Haiti so much is how real it makes the gospel. The gospel is always real, but unfortunately in the States it is much harder for me to remember and truly believe how real it is. I am beyond blessed to get to be here and be reminded of how alive and real God is.


Chandler with Lovely

Lovely with some of the Heartline Team: Chandler, Sarah O, Sarah D, and Dr. Jen


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