We Don’t Just Birth Babies-We Birth Women

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

I write this while a casual acquaintance fights for his life in a Miami hospital.  He is a warm, big , kindhearted volunteer at Medishare that we would run into from time to time.  He was shot during a robbery last week.  He hangs by a thread, the young thieves disappearing into the crowded streets after gunning him down.  Do they know a husband, a dad, a kind man is close to death because of them?  Would that enter their thinking?  A rush of adrenaline, shots fired, a family’s  life is forever changed.

How do we make a difference?  Sean Penn said it in an interview with Oprah – “it’s empowering women.”  We already know this and while he said it I sat nodding my head into the computer saying, ” yes, this is why we have a women’s program.”   Change the lives of women and you change their children.

We’ve had a lot of babies born in our program since the start of 2012.  Nurse/midwives like Melissa and Sarah, volunteer midwives, and Jen our pediatrician give their abilities and time to be the guardians of safe birth.   Why?  Why would professionals split their time and energy to spend months at a time here?  Because they know it makes a difference.  Birth can change everything.

We don’t just birth babies.  We birth women.  Women who spend over a year in our program and receive the gospel, learn how to exclusively breast feed and keep their babies close, women who learn to child space so they are not giving away babies that they can’t afford.  Women who will hopefully have a skill, make money, send their kids to school.

Our maternity program is thug prevention.  Agathe, our Haitian co-worker, teaches moms on how to raise their sons!  She teaches them how to promote respect for women, respect for others, she teaches them how to model these qualities for their children.  She does it by word and example.  Always with a baby at her breast Agathe promotes mother/baby bonding and security.

A bonded child who is well loved and knows how to give love back is less likely to shoot others.  A child who is not raised in an overcrowded house with not enough to eat is less likely to steal.  A child going to school will be doing homework rather than robbery.

That’s why we stay up for a few days at a time helping women through birth.  Birth is a tiny fraction of what our program is all about.  It’s the prenatal care, the child development classes and the teaching that make the difference.  Safe birth is only a day, albeit an important one, in that journey.

We’ve had a lot of boys this month.  Boys who have a better chance at being well bonded, secure, well fed, educated and be successful contributors to their country.  As I look at Harbor House and see successful teen moms I see that most times providing a map is all a woman needs.  She can make the journey, she will take the right routes, all she needed was a guide.

A relationship with Christ, an empowered education on life skills, a chance to make a living can result in a healthy family.  We teach women to choose men who will love and stay with their family.  They can teach their boys to be those men someday.  Save the families, save the country.

Beth McHoul

Heartline Ladies and With Their Babies Born in January 2012 at the Heartline Maternity Center

  1. kathy says:

    Wonderful post!

  2. Carla says:

    Love reading your blog posts. Bless you as you speak into these women’s lives. As a mother of 5 boys, respect for women has been taught in this home since day one. They are all wonderful young men!

  3. Saintly Nurse says:

    100% agree – where women are strong and empowered, entire nations are changed. Beautiful post, and keep up the good work. ~Saintly Nurse

  4. Faith says:

    This is beautiful. I have two young boys and want those things for them as well. I hope one day to be able to work with heartline or a similar program! Reading all your blogs encourages me not only in my life as a mother, but to continue working toward being a midwife. Such a blessed calling God has given! I lift you all up in prayer.

  5. Ryan says:

    Awesome blog post! It is an honor working at Heartline!

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