Make a Difference by Being a Person of Prayer.

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Perhaps this is one of those times when you had to be there. It happened a couple of weeks ago, but I have still been thinking about it.  It was only a one minute conversation, but in it are represented thousands of people here in Haiti. People that have hope and many who have lost hope.

Solomon in Provers 13:12 wrote,

 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

 It was on a Sunday afternoon and a singing group from a Haitian church had come to the Harbor House (the Heartline teen mom house) to sing and join us as we ate  a wonderful Haitian meal together. The group was great and was enjoyed by all.
After the concert, one of the singers asked me if she could enter the Heartline Sewing program.  Before the group came to the Harbor House, they took a tour of the other Heartline ministries, one of which was the sewing program. I asked her what she was doing now: Did she have a job or go to school?  She told me that she in a few months would be graduating from university.  And that she has no prospects for a job.
I felt an unusual sadness as I considered her words.  Her parents have sacrificed to send her to school,  and she has worked extremely hard in a system which is less than encouraging and now she almost finished has no  prospects of a job.
 The Heartline Sewing Program is a wonderful program, but we did not envision it to be a place where university graduates would ask to enroll.  It is so easy to come to Haiti and see just the poor and I am not not even suggesting that we should not work to help the poor rise up from their poverty.  But there are others who against great odds have been able to push through their struggles, graduate from high school, which is no small feat and for some even graduate from university. Yet many are not able to find employment.
Haiti is awash with competent men and women not able to find work, who grow discouraged and disenchanted with their birth country.  Other, who are able, end up living in other countries throughout Africa, Europe and the Americas where they are able to find work and contribute to their country of residence. Haiti loses when this happens.
I understand that the situation is complex and the answers are not easy.  But there is something you can do.  You can regularly pray in faith for Haiti, its people, and its leaders.  It was S.D. Gordon who said,
Prayer strikes the winning blow…
Your support of Heartline is simply way amazing.  Your faithfulness is humbling.  Your love and care is clearly evident.  Perhaps, though, there is one thing that you could give even more of, and that would be to pray more.  Not just for Heartline or for Haiti but as well for the the countries of the world.  For the persecuted church and for those that have yet to even once hear the Good News of the Gospel.
Prayer matters, you matter!  Make a difference by being a person of prayer.
John McHoul
  1. michelle johnson says:

    My heart is overwhelmed and humbled by the sheer enormity of it all. Praying seems so small and my hands feel helpless, but I will pray.
    God have mercy. Christ have mercy. Kyrie Eleison.

    If Christ is indeed among the poor, the least, and the lowest, then you are blessed beyond measure (though painful it might be) to bear witness to his very heart. Thank you for showing me Haiti through Jesus’ eyes. I pray for you all at Heartline as you endevour to be the hands of Christ.
    I am humbled by you. Thank you.
    Peace of Christ to you.

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