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We keep our programs as small as possible which in a place like Haiti is near to impossible.  We think every woman should have prenatal care, a safe birth, and education on breast-feeding and childcare.  We also think a woman shouldn’t have to fight and claw to get a sick baby seen by a health care provider.  We think women deserve respect and should get information so they can make wise decisions.   We’ve noticed almost all women make good decisions when given good information.  We’ve noticed that the ladies in our program love their babies and want the best for them.   We’ve also noticed they like our program and don’t like when graduation day rolls around when their baby is six months old.


We make a big deal out of graduation.  We have the moms and their six month olds come to the front of class where we congratulate them, talk about how healthy their baby is, we pray with them and then give them a certificate and a large gift package of mom and baby goodies.  They aren’t fooled.  This isn’t a good day.  They don’t want to graduate to make room for a new mom and most of them leave with fallen faces.  One gal filled with tears, made protest that in reality she does not graduate for 2 more weeks and dug in her heels till we relented.  She happens to be one of the many moms who want to see our pediatrician weekly whether she needs her or not.

The room is full to capacity; we have to graduate them although we’re sad to see them go.  One mom told us she holds class in her neighborhood after leaving our class and teaches her friends what she learned that day.  We consider that success.  Kerline (pictured left) is a teacher by trade and nature.  We love her.  She had a very difficult birth and we were privileged to take care of her.

We just sent a not laboring woman home for the second time today.  She acted in labor, wanted to be in labor, but was in fact, not in labor.  She cried as we explained her body and baby weren’t ready – she needed to go home.  After talking a while we realized home is a tent.  Not exactly a comfy environment to go home to.  No wonder she desperately wanted the pain of labor.   Food, fan and a fluffy bed are a far cry from a dusty, hot tent.    She has 3 children already but two are in orphanages.  Our program seeks to put an end to that cycle with education, empowerment and the gospel.

The very thing that makes us successful is what limits us.  By keeping our programs smaller we can give women personal attention, quality care and be involved in their lives.  That also means we have to turn lots of women away and graduate women we would love to keep.

Eventually we will twin and triplicate our programs.  Today we sigh as we can’t do all we would like to do and help as many women as we would want to.  But, when I look at our graduates – informed moms armed with truth, holding healthy, chubby babies I know this works.  I know that truth seeps into tents and crowded neighborhoods.  I know that wisdom can win and women can teach other women.  Truthful information is powerful and every woman should have access to it.  No woman has to be poor in spirit.

Beth McHoul

  1. Kathy says:

    You are doing an amazing and needed work. It’s hard. Hard seeing them come and seeing them go. I wish everyone could have the care he or she needed.

  2. Carla says:

    Wonderful post! Blessings on you

  3. So thankful for each of you dedicated women that so faithfully serve these women!! You are all rock stars and a blessing to each women/child you come in contact with!!!! love you guys

  4. Ryan Alberts says:

    Great reminder!

  5. Lets build this new maternity centre as soon as possible. Please get behind
    so we can care for more women sooner.

  6. BG says:

    Thank you for what you do for these women. The world may have forgotten them, but you have not, and you have shown them that God has not either. Lovely work you do. This post – and your work – deserve a thousand thanks.

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