Can You Find A Place For My Daughter-Part Three

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

It has taken a few weeks but we finally have a workable plan to help Margareth and her three children.  We could have just given money or had a knee-jerk reaction to her situation but it is better, unless it is an emergency, to gather as much information as possible so to make  informed decisions.

If you have not read the previous two posts that tell the story of Margareth and her seven year old daughter, then please click here  read them and then continue with this post.

We have identified three main areas in which we can help Margareth and her three children:

  1. We have to get them out of their present living situation which is loosely called a tent, but is actually a combination of old sheets and worn out tarps.  It certainly does not hold back the rain, which literally pours through roof of the tent.
  2. We want to get her three children into school.  See stats below

Haiti’s literacy rate is 53% which falls well below the 90% average literacy rate for Latin American and Caribbean’s countries.

Haiti counts 15,200 primary schools, of which 90% are non-public and managed by the communities, religious organizations, or NGOs.  The enrollment rate for primary school is 67%, of which less than 30% reach 6th grade. 

 Secondary schools enroll 20% of eligible-age children.

3.  Teach Margareth how to read and write.
Currently Margareth makes approximately  $60.00 USD a month by hand washing some of the neighbors’ clothes.  As you can see that is not much, especially considering that she has three children to care for.


The amount needed to rent a two room house for one year is $ 750.00.  And the amount to send her three children to a school that is already subsidized but where she does have to pay for books and uniform  is $506.00 for one year .  This totals $1256.00 for the house and for school.  I know that this seems  inexpensive, but if you are making about $720.00 a year and have three children in the house then you can see it can seem unattainable.

Our goal is to help Margareth to care for herself and for her family.  Our goal is to help Margareth learn a skill so she can find a job.  Our goal is to demonstrate the love of God through words and through actions.

Many have written and said, “We want to help, what can we do?” Well, at this point we would like to give the $1256.00 to pay the rent on the house and for one year’s school for the three children. While, I’m sure that we could give more, we at this point, would rather see if with the help given Margareth is able to make it.  We want to see if she is faithful in attending literacy class.  We want to see how the children do in school.  We want to see if we are not just giving, but helping.  We want to visit the home regularly to get to know this family and so better know how we can help.

If more is given that is needed, we will contact you to ask if we can use your generous donation to help others in similar situations.
Please go the Heartline Website to donate and be sure to specify our donation for Margareth.

Thank you for caring,


  1. Lori Huber says:

    Mesi, John. I so appreciate all of your hard work and efforts on this woman’s behalf. Her daughters will be blessed by your generosity and kindness.

  2. TammyS says:

    Mesi, John. Donation sent and fingers crossed. I hope you’ll keep us updated on their progress – whatever it may be.
    FYI: I used PayPal so hopefully my “Margareth” comment came through. JIC I will send a message to the Heartline email listed in PayPal.

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