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Over the past week or so I have had several people ask me about people and situations that I had previously blogged about. I have been aware that it has been some time since I have blogged and I, for sure, have felt a bit of pressure to get another blog out there. I understand that people care and they pray and some when seeing a need will send money to help.  And so, obviously, people want to know what’s going on. I get that, sometimes.

There are two primary reasons that keep me from blogging more often. The first is that each day is full, there is so much going on that we are involved in, that by the time I get home, I don’t seem to be able to muster up the desire to two finger a blog on the keyboard. Secondly, and this is probably closer to to real reason: I don’t usually see what I do here as something that people would care to read about. It just seems all so ordinary or normal, certainly not extraordinary, not that I have heard people say that it is. Kind of like blogging about tying one’s shoes. Not thinking that I would take time too read a such a blog.

It is 5:14 PM on a Sunday, Beth has been at the Heartline Maternity Center since yesterday, helping with the birth of a boy born to a seventeen year old. She will be home soon and we will go to a prayer time for Run for Life Haiti at our Staff House. It is raining out, two of our mastiffs are at my feet trying to as close as possible and the puppy is barking just because she can. I am listening to Christmas music and am determined to write this blog and post it on Monday morning.I appreciate that people care and I find it to be that which moves me out of my non blogging mode.

Let me start by updating you about Margareth and her three children. She came to our gate, it must be about two months ago and asked if we would take her seven year old, who was standing right beside her, when she asked this. I felt heartsick for the little girl and angry that Margareth felt that giving her daughter to be raised by others was her best option. Not angry at Margareth, but angry at the ravages caused by poverty and injustice.

Having lived in Haiti for a while, I knew that taking her daughter was not really an answer for this woman who, with her three children, lived in a so called tent made of worn out tarps, and sheets. I also knew that just giving money would only be a temporary fix and that monthly I would see her again at our gate as her needs simply outweigh her ability to care for herself and for her three children that live with her.

The problems:

  1. She lives in a so called tent with her three children.
  2. She could not afford to send the children to school.
  3. She made a few dollars a day by hand washing the laundry of others. But this is just enough to provide food for the family.
  4. Margareth could not read or write and so she could not hope to get a job where these skills are necessary.

It took some time to verify her story to me, to look for a solution and to help Margareth and her family get on the road to change. I believe that John Perkins said it well:

Poverty, you see, is much more than lack of money; poverty is the lack of options.

I wrote about Margareth and many responded with words such as, “How can we help, let us know” My response was, “I will let you know.” Several weeks went by before I was ready to tell you what we had decided to do. We had to check out other housing, check out a school for the children and get an assurance from Margareth that she would daily attend the literacy class at Heartline. And along the way something unexpected happened.

But first: Margareth is now in a cement house. As I type this it is raining out but Margareth and her family do not have to worry about living in a leaky tent and they now live in a place where they can lock the doors at night and not be afraid of the violence that often befalls those that live in tents.

Secondly the children are going to school where they also daily  are receiving a hot meal.

Thirdly, Margareth has faithfully been attending literacy class.

And now for the surprise, Margareth has a 28 year old daughter that has come to Haitian Creations to enroll in our jewelry making course with the potential to earn a living by making jewelry for Haitian Creations.

We have given Margareth a boost and are working toward her being able to care for her own family within a year.  When she can read and write, she can take the exam to enter the sewing program or enter the bead making program.  We will help her budget her money and imagine what a blessing it will be to break the cycle of poverty that has firmly held her for her entire life.  She is on her way to having options.

You have helped, you are making a difference which we pray will continue for the children and their children and …

I know that there are more updates that need to get out there and so I will send the next one of Wednesday November 21st.

Thanks for making a difference here in Haiti.


  1. Jessie Jade says:

    Thank you John for the update. This is wonderful to hear. On so many levels…this sounds like a great plan. Praise God!!

  2. Hayla (Tamara) Louis and I prayed together…I said “Heavenly Father, give John the wisdom and guidance needed to help this family somehow because only you understand fully this families situation..”. When I finished, Hayla said simply, “God please help this little girl stay with her mom”. I knew in that moment how significant her request was ….
    Thank you God and thank you John. You have done exceedingly and abundantly more.
    Can’t wait to share this EXTRA ORDINARY news with the kids …blessings..

  3. TammyS says:

    Thanks, John. The updates are great motivators for me to stay involved, but I appreciate your commitment to make positive, long lasting improvements most of all.

  4. Gail says:

    Thank you for the update. Hope and a future are what people need, not a handout. Praise God that he is able to use Heartline to bring hope to people in difficult situations. God is good!

  5. John says:

    For the record, I would read a blog post about you tying your shoes too. I am sure that I could learn something from you in that.

    • johnmchoul says:

      Been going on three months since I have worn shoes as I am trying to get my toe healed up from a moto accident I was in. Maybe going around barefoot isn’t helping much. Hope that I remember how to tie my shoes

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