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This week several of us went to visit some families that live in a community several miles away.  This community, prior to the January 12, 2010 earthquake, did not exist.  The land is desert like with trees having long ago been cut down to make charcoal, which the Haitians use as cooking fuel.  After the earthquake many who had lost their homes came to this land that the Haitian government made available for people to resettle.  Although I don’t know the number of houses in this vast community comprised of a number of zones, I would simply say that there are thousands of houses.  Some are made of cement, others of wood, others of tin, and some are still made of tarps.  The building is ongoing with houses in various stages of completion.

We, while there, visited with a family of eight that live in a one-room house.  Although I have seen this family dozens of times, I hadn’t until yesterday actually been inside the house.  Looking inside I noticed right away that there were eight people but one single person cot.  When I asked where the other seven people slept, I was told that they slept on the cement floor.

We only stayed several more minutes, but I couldn’t get the one cot and seven people on the floor out of my mind.  Upon arriving back at Heartline, we did a search of our supplies and came up with seven cots for this family and four for another family in the same area.

Several of our men brought the cots today and showed them how to put them together.  The family was ecstatic.  While it may not seem like a big deal, I know that I will sleep better knowing that there are seven people no longer sleeping on a cement floor.


Thank you for your ongoing help that enables Heartline to make a difference here in Haiti.

John McHoul

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  1. Becky says:

    Beautiful. So simple but so huge.

  2. this is why we must continue to give.

  3. Konni says:

    I was honored to meet this family on our mission trip to Haiti last week. We visited on June 13th. The Momma (that is how she introduced herself to us) was so loving and gracious. She invited us in and made us feel welcome. Thanks John and Heartline for making the visit happen.

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