An Unexpected Trip Back Fifty-Two years

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

The other day I took an unexpected trip as my thoughts traveled back fifty-two years to a medium size town about thirty minutes south of Boston.  As so often happens, this trip back in time was triggered by an event that at the time seemed to have no relation to me fifty-two years ago in the second grade in a town south of Boston.

The trigger to this travel back in time happened as I stood in front of about sixty young girls who had come for the first day of our first ever summer camp put on by the Heartline Women’s Center.  In the two month long camp the girls will learn sewing on sewing machines, craft making and cooking.  On this first day, I had been asked to say a few words in greeting and to pray.

Looking at the girls, largely from poor families, I thought of the Heartline teachers who had come to me several months earlier asking if we could put on such a camp.  I found encouragement in their desire to touch the lives of these young girls.  Perhaps, they were remembering when they were the same age and didn’t have such an opportunity. Or perhaps they recalled times when adults showed interest in them, to help and encourage.

As the decision was made to move forward with the camp, we would need supplies, and money to run the camp. We were not sure how this would happen but we trusted that God would provide as we looked to impact these young lives.  And now standing in front of me were the girls that God has entrusted to us for the next two months.

While I stood in front of these young girls,  simultaneously I found myself remembering  fifty-two years ago as a young boy living with my parents and sister in a two story house next to a Baptist church.

What I remember about the three years we lived there is hopping the slow moving freight trains at the train yard, playing in the WW 2 era tanks, playing Farm League baseball, having a crush on the second grade teacher and playing outside until dark.

I mostly remember though,  the family that lived behind the church’s parking lot. I remember they had the first color TV that I had ever seen and it had a wired remote to boot.  I remember that they were always gracious and welcoming to me.  I remember playing basketball in their driveway and often eating at their table.  I remember attending Cub Scouts at their house as the mom there was the Den Mother.  I remember the stability in their household, something that mine didn’t have. I remember getting a little fingernail clipper set as a Christmas gift from Cub Scouts and not knowing how to use it.  I remember how this family reached out to me and showed me the love of God.  All of this and more as I stood looking at this group of girls on the first day of the Heartline Camp.

Fifty-two years later and I still recall the touch of this family in my life.  I pray that these young girls will be touched in such a way that years from now they will fondly recall the time that they were loved, supported, encouraged, prayed  for and told of their specialness at the Heartline Summer Camp.

When you support Heartline, I believe your support will still be evident years and decades from now.  I pray it will be seen in how these young girls will one day love and support their own children and the children of others.  Thank you for making this camp and all the other Heartline programs possible through your generous support.




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