Marjorie: Victim to Victor

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

ImageWhen visiting Haitian Creations, one of the first people you could meet is a thirty-two year old woman named Marjorie.  She is not much more than five feet tall, has a Minnie mouse voice, but she has the heart of Aslan, the lion.

On January 12, 2010 at 4:53 PM, Marjorie was downtown Port au Prince on the top floor of a five story nursing school, and the earthquake that killed 200,000 in Haiti, hit. The school collapsed and Marjorie was buried under tons of cement, blocks and rubble. She stayed there in complete darkness, unable to move as she was pinned  under the weight of the fallen school.

It was three days before she was rescued with severe damage to her head, foot and to her left arm, which had to be amputated below the elbow as it was too badly damaged to be saved.

Marjorie came to the Heartline field hospital shortly after the amputation.  She stayed with us for one year as she slowly recovered from her injuries.  She, while with Heartline, received physical therapy for her foot injury and we were able to get her a prosthetic arm.  Her road to recovery was long, slow, and painful.

Marjorie became part of the Heartline family.  We built a house for her family, as their house had been destroyed in the earthquake.  We offered Marjorie a job at Heartline, and gave her a place on the property where she could live while working with us.

I clearly recall the day that Marjorie came  and told me that she wanted to go back to school.  We encouraged her to look at places in our area and to bring us the information.  I remember sitting at a table and going over the brochures and choosing with her a school close to Heartline.

And so a couple of days later, she got all dressed up and went to the school to get an application.  Later that afternoon, and I will never, never, forget this, Marjorie came to the office and she was sobbing, her body heaving with each sob.

“What happened, what’s wrong,” I asked.  It took perhaps 15 minutes before I was able to understand what she was telling me.  She through her sobs and tears told me that the school would not accept her because they said she is sick.  She told them that she wasn’t and they said, “Yes you are, you only have one arm.”

Let me fast track here and say that the next few months were difficult as we worked to cox Marjorie out of the devastation she felt and that had gotten a hold of her.  But the heart of Aslan rose up and she said that she would try again, at a different place. And she did.

This time she was accepted and Heartline was there to help her.  We had a job with us that worked around her school schedule, she had a place to stay with us, and we for two years paid for her to go to school  as she worked hard and persevered to complete her schooling and get her diploma.

On September 13th 2013 Marjorie graduated and received her  Medical Technician diploma, which will allow her to work at a medical testing lab.

Marjorie had risen from the debris of the earthquake; as she refused to stay down and Heartline has been there to help, encourage, support, pray, cry and cheer her on.

Your support has helped Marjorie rise up from being a victim, to becoming a victor.

She will soon be starting her internship at a medical lab in Port au Prince.

Click here to help Heartline support others like Marjorie, that just need someone to believe in them, enough to give.

If interested in participating in Heartline’s sponsorship program, you can write Cortney at  <>

John McHoul

  1. Kathy Cassel says:

    God bless her and all the others like her. I donated through pay pal

  2. Chris Johnson says:

    John, I love that you and Beth still are engaged in sharing the love of Jesus in practical, meaningful ways! My prayers are with you all as you continue your labors (I know you don’t think of them that way👍) for God’s Kingdom. Best regards, Chris

  3. Lisa Zazou says:

    How great!!! good for Marjorie. Hope and pray that God will continue to bless u!!! John, ur so lucky to be chosen by God to do all those great things for those great people.

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